I am a Christian theist, and I am inviting atheists to talk with me about the nose in our face.

I read this text in your website:

[quote] Think Atheist is your safe place to come out and learn how to have a dialog with friends, family, and strangers about your belief that the world was not created but is in its current state because of complicated and beautifully unguided processes. [/quote]

You are saying that the nose came about by unguided processes?


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Artifical Selection even.
Now THAT'S intelligent design! :)

Proboscisist bigot!



Looks like Jimmy Durante was a monkey's uncle.

Sure. What is the evidence of guidance to persuade me otherwise? And did you bring a Pancake/Croissant with you, because that sounds good.
I'm with you, Gaytor. Pancake Croissants sound delicious.
I am replying to you all, even though I have not read all your posts, because they are all substantially the same, very frivolous.


Dear atheists, we must start from facts.

Now, can you show me a fact of an unguided process that has produced something useful like the nose in our face?

In your whole life to the present you have seen many facts in your everyday life, surely you must have seen unguided processes that have produced something that is useful to you and still around.

That is what I have always noticed with atheists, they are always manipulating concepts and words to reach conclusions, which intelligent people immediately see to be weird or very questionable.

Okay, get me some facts from your everyday life in the world and in your personal existence, which are facts of unguided processes producing something as useful as the nose in our face.

I have not read all your posts here, except the first few ones; because most of you are always into frivolities, nothing indicative of intelligent thinking on facts.

Very clever at manipulating concepts and words to fool yourselves, and imagine that you can fool other people whose intelligence is still intact and immune to self-deceit.


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Pancake Croissant

I second this ROFL

Does the Sun count? I see that every day and I'm fairly sure that it is at least as useful to my continued existence as the nose on my face.

Just off the top of my head.

[Conjecture: Is it a coincidence that I immediately chose the Sun AND that the Jesus myth is a reiteration of older Sun-god myths?]
It continues. My wife never had wisdom teeth. True story, no joke. Never had them, so never needed them removed.

Indeed she is!  I think she's smarter than I am. :)


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