A lot of countries have dual court systems; one that applies to non-Muslims, the other to Muslims. Malaysia is a good example of this.
I would like to see your Christian court system, created by what you know of Christianity. Keep in mind this isn't the Jewish example. Jesus came and died for your sins, so some aren't really sins anymore, are they? The rules have changed. Based on your knowledge of the Jesus cult, what laws still apply?

Here are some of the basic rules:
To denounce your faith or to convert to another is punishable by death. (As documented in religious texts.)
The decision of a religious court cannot be overturned by the secular one. (So human rights violations in the Bible must be legal punishments.)

I want a functioning dual-legal system by this time next week!

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Raped women must marry their rapists. Get a boner pluck out your eye. Talk back to your parents and get stoned, and not in the fun way. Selling products for sacrificial purposes, have your shop overturned by Jesus (this punishment might require waiting for him to arrive). Cut off the nuts of every man who can handle it. Have a Buddha in your house, death.
It would be a hoot wouldn't it!
Do you really want to give them more ideas, Misty? :)
I just thought it would be a fun exercise.
Besides, how many Xtians would do it if they were told they HAD to? If there were laws the OT insisted upon, how many would turn away from it all together?
Good point. I bet if the laws of the Bible were actually enforced, there would be outrage and many would boycott and abandon it. But there would still be a few loons backing it.
No! Don't encourage that!

Luckily we are ruled by secular law as the Founding Father's intended....well, most of them anyways.

But Christians are already supposed to be held to a higher standard within their flocks. I guess since there is no actual accountability, it is easy for them to ignore this higher standard that the aspire to. Except when it comes time for gossiping and working the cliques at the church.


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