Do you think we should start calling Creationists by a more accurate term such as "Primate Change Deniers" ?

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I have heard many biologists such as Richard Dawkins call them history deniers. History Deniers sounds good to me

Definitely.  This is what they are called from now on. 

Discoveroids....after Ken Ham and his crew from the Discovery Institute and Creation Museum.

I was just thinking of ex-coworker George's expression and response to me calling him a History Denier.  I think he'd stammer a bit and call me a God Denier.  I hate it when theists say I am arrogantly denying God!  I am not even one to claim that no god exists.  I just don't have faith that one does.  It is usually at this point in a conversation with evangelicals that I have to exercise extreme patience.  They think they have evidence that supports their claims too even though faith, by definition, implies there is no evidence.

Now, to flat out deny the actual facts of what has happened in the cosmos and on Earth is brazen denial IMO.   Still, if we attempt to point it out to them it will probably be like trying to teach a pig to dance. It won't work and it will annoy the pig.  I am not going to start a conversation with George to try out my hypothesis but I am sure an opportunity will present itself soon enough. 

Ask George to write down his top 3 (5) beliefs and WHY he believes each of them without once mentioning the Bible. All on one page, no more. Tell him you will look forward to reading it. Enjoy.

Oh you don't know George, although i am sure you've met troglodytes like him before.  He is smart enough to spew the apologist nonsense his pastor is droning into his skullet-sporting head.  I had to direct him to AIG's section that tells Christians what arguments to stop using.  He said, "How do you know about that site?  We are studying it at church." 

I told him he wasn't studying it quite enough.  This is a man who actually asked me, "If we evolved from monkeys, why are there still monkeys?"  As he is an ex-coworker now, I don't see him much any more.  

Yes I have met them. There are a few tell-tale signs you notice straightaway that identifies them. As they approach you will hear the sound of their knuckles dragging across the floor. It is however the high ridges over their hairy eyebrows that gives them away. If you want to distract them then flick the office lights on and off a few times. Not too often as it gets them over excited and they start throwing their own excrement about the place.

Ask them if Adam and Eve had belly buttons and they will calm down for a while.

Just say you are not a god denier, but you are just a disbeliever. Difference 


I think it's f***ing hilarious

I'd just go for "extra-stupid people."



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