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This discussion is temporarily closed so Pancake can go read a book on Evolution. Just a friendly suggestion, Pancake.

For members who'd like (or need) to learn and discuss the many answers provided to the original question of this thread, I suggest visiting the

Science forum and the group Atheists who love science.
Note that theists are welcome.





Thanks a lot for not banning me, owners and operators of this website and forum.


That is very nice of you.




Think Atheist Website Statement of Purpose

1. Think Atheist is your safe place

2. to come out and learn

3. how to have a dialog with friends, family, and strangers

4. about your belief

5. that the world was not created

6. but is in its current state

7. because of complicated and beautifully unguided processes.



I was talking in the previous thread from myself also, about the nose as a point of discussion for the concept of unguided processes which are the ultimate and effectively the absolute explanation for the complicated but beautifully existing world in which mankind finds itself to have existence and operation.


This present thread is not about the nose for the present, but about the concept itself of unguided processes.


The group here is made up of atheists who love science, very good.


Now we can all humans who think, examine scientifically the concept of unguided processes.


Here goes my first initiating post in this thread and I expect that atheists abstain from putting in videos, graphics, audios, etc., and specially no frivolities.


Otherwise you will give the impression to non-partisan readers that you are in effect muddling up the issue, instead of thinking scientifically and writing with concise, precise, and clear words.



Addressing atheist evolutionists:


That is the difference between you and me, you insist that evolution is exempted from guided processes, but I insist that even evolution and specially evolution is an event that is founded on guided processes.


That is why I want us to discuss in the previous thread the nose in our face, because it is from our intelligent consideration on empirical criteria definitely the result of guided processes.


Don't go far far away or deep deep in the abyss whatever, when you can examine guided processes, and see there are no unguided processes not today and not ever in the past, by just examining your nose, and as you work in the kitchen or anywhere you be, and you be dealing with things and events and your own undertakings to be doing a life.


So, you still insist that evolution is exempted from guided processes altogether, in which case it is a very unscientific explanation for anything at all, because unguided processes cannot be falsified.


Read again what this atheist website says about the whole world:


5. that the world was not created

6. but is in its current state

7. because of complicated and beautifully unguided processes.


Just how can you ever falsify unguided processes as the causality of the whole complicated beautiful world?


What is that you say?


That evolution is not absolutely founded on unguided processes but only

not guided by God, for still it is founded upon guided processes which guides are the rules of God (if you accept God, because you are theist evolutionists), but in particular for atheist evolutionists, by the laws of nature.


Well, so you atheist evolutionists cannot really say that evolution is the product or the event or the occurrence whatever that is founded upon unguided processes absolutely, but relatively only, meaning in relation to God: no God's guidance.


But it is founded on the laws of nature, and wherefore evolution is founded on guided processes, but with the caveat of course, namely, but not from God’s guidance.


What do I say about that?


I will say from all honesty and also spontaneity:


That you are being or more correctly thinking or correction again, in fact engaged in non-thinking and talking, and the adjectives to describe your behavior are:





[ Note to moderators: If a thread is not getting anywhere in your thinking, then you step in to tell whoever is the cause of the stalling that he must accept what is the particular cognitive position that is un-negotiable in your website and forum; otherwise, he should already stop and go away from the thread even though he started it; there is really no need to even just temporally suspend it.]


[In this manner posters who cannot accept what in effect are the non-negotiable premises of your website and forum can just leave and not entertain ever any inclination to come back.]


Thank you again just the same for not banning me, that is indeed very nice from your part.


Pancake Croissant

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"The whiskers sticking out from underneath of his
Pancake make-up" - Frank Zappa Broken Hearts are for Assholes
I thought god was a Semitic straw man...



It's guided in the sense that it's guided by environmental conditions.


It's unguided in the sense that there is no intelligent force directing its course.


Guided in once sense, unguided in another.  No contradiction or double speak, just nuance, Pancake.

Well, you know, if you get desperate...


There's always pancakes in a can. ;-)

Honestly, that discovery shocked me even more than...


Gets the face write every time:

Has anyone read Dawkins' "The God Delusion"?  It's like when he discusses how if those of religious persuasion cannot explain something in nature or find a gap in a theory, they immediately pop god into the hole as though that is the obvious and immediate answer when one cannot otherwise be instantly found.  This is illogical.  There could be any number of more rational answers that with any amount of research could (and should) be discovered, but the religious just jump in with god.  God is convenient because faith requires no explanation.  I myself prefer to know why. 


"If ignorance is bliss, why aren't more people happy?" -- Fun bumper sticker

Now that's some science I'm sure we can all get behind!



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