Legalization & decriminalization of all controlled drugs. A two-pronged libertarian approach.

1) completely legalize all of the currently "controlled substances" for adults

2) allow discrimination against drug users by landlords and employers

Why not legalize and tax all the controlled substances and use the income from that plus the money saved by not sending people to prison for nonviolent drug offenses to set up treatment programs?

At the same time, it's understandable that landlords and employers don't want to be saddled with the inefficiencies and liabilities that come along with drug-abusing employees. Likewise, landlords know that drug abusers disproportionately damage and degrade the properties they live in.

Adults free to use drugs and live with the consequences. Employers and landlords free to protect themselves.

Can I see some potential problems? Sure. So can you, but I'll let you present them and maybe we can see our way through to some solutions.

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Where did you read that krocodil came from an inability to get heroin? Russia is awash in opiates coming from Afghanistan and autonomous republics within their own borders. There are still over a million heroin addicts in Russia now.

I read that the UK doesn't have a meth problem, as cocaine is so readily available. I wish I could find the article, because I was highly amused by the information source. Apparently, some government initiative checks the content of the great British sewage system to detect what is being consumed (and therefore passed) by way of illegal recreational pharmaceuticals.

Although the results were interesting, I have to say it was the source data collection methodology that tickled me, and thus it remains in my memory.

Something similar was in the news in Spain. It doesn't say much about the population in general...but a lot about the kind of people who go to clubs/discos/dance-places. They took samples of the air and checked it for free particles of cocaine in Europe. Spain was by far number one...the capital Madrid topping the list (though Milan and London were high up...surprisingly Berlin and Paris not). Make it a gay club/disco/dance-place and there is likely to be an even higher concentration of cocaine whisping around the place. The effects it has on bystanders is negligible but to be honest...I do hear a whole lot of snorting when I go to the bathroom...and coke is freely offered from some guests to others in a lot of house parties.

Any ideas why gays (males, I assume, with no factual basis) are bigger cokeheads than straights, or why that is more their drug of choice than heroin, weed, meth, and the rest? 

I've heard some theories but they are all theories. Single gay men definitely take a lot more drugs while partying and hooking up than others (has been well demonstrated). The drugs tend to be pick-me-ups (drugs that give you a rush, more energy or more sensitive to emotions, feeling and sexual stimulus). Poppers were once all the rage. 

I personally think (though have no way to prove it) that much of such drug use is part of a cycle hard partying, unsafe sex, obsession with random hook-ups and burrying one's pain (homophobia, lack of acceptance, coming to terms with identity). 

I don't think heroin or weed is conducive to that kind of lifestyle (not that there aren't many pot smokers). To be honest I'd rather hang out with people who did weed than who snorted up lines. Friends doing coke definitely doesn't make them more fun to hang out with.


Cokeheads tend to be annoying. In my experience, mostly I've wanted to punch out their lights due to their aggressive and boisterous narcissism.


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