Hi Think Atheist, 

You shall probably notice that I will be posting a lot more on this site, and many of my posts wont be directly connected to atheism. Its nice to have a bit more variety on the forum. Anyway...

Some of you may or may not be aware of this, but I am studying Digital Multimedia in collage. A huge part of that is learning JavaScript (especially for the web design side of the course). While taking advantage of my college's recourses, I have purchased a book on the Kindle store called "JavaScript: Just the Basics". Now while it is a very good book on understanding the core of the language, I feel that I could probably do with a text that focuses more on tutorials and step by step exercises in order to learn JavaScript. 

If any of you could suggest some texts for me, that would be very much appreciated. Thanks in advance guys. 


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Thank you for that. Great advice 


This is a good site once you get the hang of the high level concepts
Just realised this thread is over 6 months old. Hope my comment is still useful.


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