~The Secret~ 20 min clip

Ok so well I saw this link on an atheist profile I saw on myspace.. i have seen the book just about every where i go so after seeing this all the time I finally had to see what in the world is this about!

After watching the video, I can not see any scientific side of it. but what i did see what kinda made since was when you feel good and have confidence good things will happen, when you feel bad and have all negative thoughts then bad things happen. Sure i guess if you are positive then good things happen like if your sick and your positive and you fight it then you have better odds of getting better. I dont know I guess that's my take from this.

Have any of you read the book or seen the full movie? what are you takes on this clip?
I thought it was an interesting philosophy for the most part.

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Haven't read it, but this review is pretty funny.



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