Larry David Pisses on Jesus and Infuriates Catholics

Sometimes I really wish that I owned a television!

Larry David Blasted for 'Curb' Episode Where He Urinates on Jesus P...

In typical FoxNews reporting, the incident referenced has been grossly exagerrated. Not having seen the show, the article initially gave me the impression that Larry David walked up to a painting of Jesus and deliberately pissed on his face while yelling "HOW YOU LIKE ME NOW?!" Of course, the actual scene from the show is nothing of the sort.

I love the terrible argument presented by the Catholic opposition. Essentially, their main complaint is that desceration of Christian icons is tolerated while Jewish and Muslim icons are respected. This discrepancy can be easily remedied! Next episode, I suggest that Larry David defecate on a menorah and wipe himself with muslim prayer cloth. Problem solved, now all three Abrahamic religions have been equally befouled!

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From the Fox article: "I don't think it's funny," Hudson told "Why is it that people are allowed to publicly show that level of disrespect for Christian symbols?..."

I assume he is choosing to ignore the 1st Amendment when he asks why people are "allowed" to do this? Exactly what kind of law does he think could possibly be enacted in a Constitutional manner to make it illegal for people to disrespect a symbol? How do we fairly define disrespect? How do we fairly define which things are symbols that need to be respected, and which are not?
I like Larry David.
Sounds like Fatwah envy to me. "You'd never do this to Islam, you'd be afraid to!"

And really, Donahue? What doesn't he get upset about? If someone were to say that Catholics were not the largest denomination of Christians in the US, he'd scream persecution.

What these people who insist that Christians are being singled out fail to realize is that the people performing these 'offensive' acts are not targeting Christianity because of a fear of or respect for Islam or other religions. PZ Myers proved that when he 'desecrated' a copy of the Koran (and The God Delusion) during Crackergate.

The reason that Christianity is most often the target is because it is Christianity that is most familiar, most intrusive and poses the greatest danger to our freedom. If Judaism was trying to enforce a theocratic standard upon our government, then they'd get the majority of the attention.

In short, stop trying to force your religion down everyone's throat, and maybe there'll be less bile directed at you.
Who hangs a picture of Jesus next to a toilet anyways? Is that really the ideal spot for the holiest of holies?
Considering some of the houses of the insanely devout, there are pictures (and crosses) on every square inch of wall.


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