Kirk Cameron has gone too far! But we can stop him.
by Kirk Cameron has gone too far! But we can stop him - Facebook

On Thursday November 19, 2009, Kirk Cameron and Ray Comfort (the banana guy) will be distributing 50,000 copies of Charles Darwin's 'Origin of Species' at universities across America to students for free.


Each copy will have a 50 page intro about how evolution has never been proven and how Darwin helped inspire the Holocaust.

You can watch this video for more information:

Or read the 50 page intro here:

If this outrages you, then you're not alone. There's something we can do though. We can amass as many of these books as possible, remove the 50 page intro, and then donate perfectly good copies of 'Origin of Species' to schools, libraries, and Goodwill. We can actually make this into something positive.

If you are in college, then you are in a good position to help. Check your campus on November 19th, and if you see a group distributing copies of the book, then get as many as you can. Get a copy for yourself, ask if you can have extra copies for your friends, ask your friends to go ask for copies, and ask other people you see carrying the book if you can have their copy.

This is a shameful thing that Kirk Cameron and the Banana Guy are doing by altering another person's book in order to push their agenda. But we can help to restore the book to how it was intended and keep young minds from being brainwashed by misinformation.
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50 Page Intro saved on RDFRS server

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This was started on FB, but now RDN has picked it up: RICHARDDAWKINS.NET : Kirk Cameron has gone too far! But we can stop... that is what this content was taken from- they picked up our grassroots group from FB. THANK YOU TO TOBY- he started this.

WOW they are all about the money! Who knew? lol I cannot believe that Christians would condone lying like this.

Check out the list of schools here:

and here is a copy a rebuttal written by Jos Gibbons: Go to
I am getting Christian email support as well right now lol

Way of the Master removed the list from their website (lol) but we got it anyway- TY to Toby for reposting it:

1. Princeton University (NJ)
2. Harvard University (MA)
3. Yale University (CT)
4. Stanford University (CA)
5. University of Pennsylvania (PA)
6. California Institute of Technology (CA)
7. Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MA)
8. Duke University (NC)
9. Columbia University (NY)
10. University of Chicago (IL)
11. Dartmouth College (NH)
12. Washington University in St. Louis (MO)
13. Cornell University (NY)
14. Brown University (RI)
15. Northwestern University (IL)
16. Johns Hopkins University (MD)
17. Rice University (TX)
18. Emory University (GA)
19. Vanderbilt University (TN)
20. Notre Dame (IN)
21. University of California - Berkeley (CA) We have this one.
22. Carnegie Mellon University (PA)
23. University of Virginia (VA)
24. Georgetown University (DC)
25. University of California—Los Angeles (CA)
26. University of Michigan—Ann Arbor (MI)
27. University of Southern California (CA) We have this one.
28. University of North Carolina—Chapel Hill (NC)
29. Tufts University (MA)
30. Wake Forest University (NC)
31. Lehigh University (PA)
32. Brandeis University (MA)
33. College of William and Mary (VA)
34. New York University (NY)
35. University of Rochester (NY)
36. Georgia Institute of Technology (GA)
37. Boston College (MA)
38. University of Wisconsin—Madison (WI)
39. University of California—San Diego (CA)
40. University of Illinois—Urbana - Champaign (IL)
41. Case Western Reserve University (OH)
42. University of Washington (WA)
43. University of California—Davis (CA)
44. Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute (NY)
45. University of Texas—Austin (TX)
46. University of California—Santa Barbara (CA)
47. University of California—Irvine (CA)
48. Penn State University—University Park (PA)
49. University of Florida (FL)
50. Syracuse University (NY)
His "scientists who actually believe that God created the universe" list is pathetic (at 2:15).

  • Albert Einstein
  • Isaac Newton
  • Nicolaus Copernicus
  • Roger Bacon
  • Michael Faraday
  • Louis Pasteur
  • Johannes Kepler
One from the 19th century and one from the 20th century. All the rest from well before any 'modern' science, and before Darwin. And their one from the 20th century (Einstein) can be argued to have not been a believer.
I have half a mind to take this list and go through each name and discuss the social ramifications of any of these individuals from history would have had for NOT being a church member in some eras- and even today we face being labeled "evil" and out to destroy the world with our "science". I debate this topic regularly at the university and have had the usual ad homs and appeal to emotion thrown around in our direction.

You ought to see that list that has been posted ad infinitum with all the scientists that accept creationism over evolution. That is a real riot. Half of them have nothing to do with biology and some are majors that were made up- or at least not found within the accredited university lists of offered majors anyway.

LOL @ pathetic...I'd offer anemic too :D
Einstein wasn't a believer. Read the beginning of The God Delusion where Dawkins talks about this. Einstein did not believe in any personal God, he simply used God in reference for nature, much like Hawking does.
Gaaaah! How many times have they been told that the Big Bang and Evolution are not the same! And how many times has it been pointed out that the Bible is the proponent of the "something from nothing" position, not the Big Bang! Gaaaaah!

Lying scumbags!
Alright guys, time to release an anniversary edition of the Bible with this as the preface.
Not to mention many different versions of the Bible. There are more versions of the Bible than there are words in the New Testament. (200-400 thousand at current estimates)
No shit?


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