With Cameron and Comfort giving out 50,000 free copies of Origin of Species will that stupid introduction, I was thinking, what if we did the same thing with the bible? Include a oh, say, 150 page "introduction" to the bible explaining that its not real, its violent, how many people have died because of this book, overwhelming evidence of life contrary to what it says, etc..
Watch CNN show up and let the fun begin!

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I love this idea!!!
Believe me - they will just tear out the 150 page intro and keep on thumping!
Don't forget, one has to be able to think outside the box to give up all that nonsense.
They don't read the Bible now. What makes you think they'll read it if we add pages?
I just thought it would be fun to turn the tables a little. especially if you just kind of sneak it in and not tell anybody
Oh, I agree! It's just that the people we'd be aiming for are not known for their....how to say it politely....literacy?

But, at least with Cameron's and Banana Man's book, most of what you get is worth reading. If we added 150 pages to mostly junk, who'd want it? We'd mostly be treading on the Gideon's turf! Maybe we can just replace the covers of The God Delusion with that of a Bible? At least then, there would be substance throughout!
While handing out Dawkins' book under false pretenses is not a bad idea; I really think working on getting closet atheists to come out and be counted is the best way.
I am sure there are many more of us than the small percentage that is often quoted.
It is like working for a political campaign - instead of trying to convert the other political party to one's side - the way to go is to get all the lazy members of your own party out to vote!
I completely agree. I was operating under the more fun and speculative "what if" fantasy land. I would not expect Christians to bother reading Dawkins once they quickly realized that they had been hoodwinked. And even if they did read it, it would not convince most of them to change their stance, anyway.

But getting to and reaching atheists that thought they were alone is very important and a major goal for T|A. Also, getting the message out there to "agnostics" who don't think of themselves as atheists because of negative connotations or misunderstandings of what atheism is.

These people we need to reach, support, and encourage in their world views. And many of them need to be convinced that it is important that they make their voice heard. Many do not see any harm in letting bygones be bygones when it comes to religion.
Well, it seems we all agree. By the way, you are entitled to a "Fantasy land" as much as any religious person.
Our fantasy land, however, is much more about "realism" that the supernatural one of the believers..
My personal fantasy regarding this topic is coming back to earth in 500 years and see how far the world has come in regards to getting rid of religion. By then our brains should be more advanced and some more natural selection would have happened. As a result of that and some more unimaginable technical advances, we may also be done with wars, racism, genocide etc. (that is if the world hasn't melted away).
My fantasy land involves me becoming a god and bitch slapping all those "false" religions like Christianity... :D
Whatever works inside your head is fine...that is why we are "free thinkers".
To truly comprehend the epic fail of Cameron and Comfort --- although GOD gave us only one BIBLE (ignoring the fact that this is not actually true) -- Origin is the first but certainly not the only place nature explains natural selection. Some of the explanations are in recent books that have proper introductions.

Even "The Porpoise Driven Life" points back the THE BIBLE as the one, true source of knowledge.
I don't know if you saw this today, but Comfort is being exposed as a plagiarist. Enjoy!


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