Kid has no train ticket, then gets thrown off by passenger

Got into a bit of a debate over this video on another forum I visit.  You UKers might be familiar with this situation already.  Anyway, here's the video:

So everyone agrees the kid here is acting severely inappropriately, even if his claims are true.  The disagreements were in regards to the other people in the video: the ticket collector, the "Big Man", and even some of the other passengers.  So who do you think acted inappropriately?  Who do you applaud?  Why?  If this was your train, is this how you'd want this situation handled?

I'll save my thoughts for later so as not to steer the thread in a particular direction right off the bat.

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I see no reason the ticket collector shouldn't of had the authority to physically move the kid off the train or at least call the police or security at the station or even the next station...

The big man should of minded his own business, if the kid had turned around and attacked him or something, the train company may of been liable... likewise if the big man broke the kids arm or something.

The press here have been running with this.  The chap thrown off insists he had a ticket but it was printed with the wrong way- I've actually had that myself but fortuantely noticed the mistake before trying to use the ticket.  However, regardless of whether his story is true, the member of the public who intervened should NOT be held up as a hero.  He is effectively a vigilante if you excuse the hyperbole.  He had no right to interfere.  Some train conducters, especialy on the commuter trains, are absolute c*nts. 

The situation could have been solved easily- contact the destination station and have the lad picked up by the Transport Police at the other end for fare dodging.  The situaiton was handled very badly.  I hate travelling on First Scotrail services personally but sadly it's the only train from my way that goes into Edinburgh :(

Everyone acted badly in this video and it makes me as a passenger concerned that staff will allow violence and manhandling as and when it suits them.

Well this will be solved in the law courts- the Big man has been charged with assault.


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