Johnny and Lauruhhpalooza have blogged on this in the past. Unfortunately, this is all happening within 2 hours of me so an article showed up in my local paper. Here's an update on the trial from the paper based where the trial is occurring.

Today, Leilani Neumann (Kara's mother) explained the decision to try prayer instead of calling a doctor to help their daughter. It turns out the 11 year old had undiagnosed, treatable diabetes and died as her parents knelt and prayed over her. The good news is that Leilani (the mother) has already been convicted of second-degree homicide. This testimony is for her husbands trial, hopefully he'll also be convicted. The bad news is, they won't be convicted of FIRST-degree homicide and that Kara is still dead thanks to her parents' beliefs.

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We have read all about this in the UK. Have people gone mad and really think they are doing the best for their children. What sort of a god do they pray to that who we are told loves children lets them die and be abused in such terrible ways. That is not a logical thing to do or a rational thing to do. god has always been an excuse for evil as we know.
Punishment should mean punishment to those who are cruel.
In the uk there is a brilliant web
Give it a try and any comments re this would be appreciated
I've been following this case as well, while they aren't being convicted of 1st degree homicide, at least it's a step in the right direction for the legal system.

Between this and the recent Daniel Hauser case it looks like the health and safety of children is FINALLY starting to take precedent over their parent's religious dogma. It's about damn time.
Looks like they found him guilty!

BREAKING: Dale Neumann found guilty
August 1, 2009

A man who prayed for his dying daughter to recover from a treatable illness was found guilty this afternoon after more than 15 hours of deliberation.

Dale R. Neumann, 47, of the town of Weston was charged with second-degree reckless homicide in connection with the March 23, 2008 death of his 11-year-old daughter, Madeline Kara Neumann.

Prosecutors say that Neumann failed in his duty to protect his daughter when he chose not to take her to a doctor after seeing she was seriously ill. Kara, as the girl was known, died from complications of undiagnosed diabetes. Doctors testified this week that she could have been saved up until her death if she had received fluids and insulin.

Dale’s wife, Leilani Neumann, 41, was convicted of the same charge on May 22. The charge carries a maximum 25-year prison sentence.

The case has drawn nation-wide media attention.


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