I haven't read these so-called "religious" texts and know very little about it so far....but it is definitely interesting so far!!!!!

I'm wondering if anyone has read the texts of Kama Sutra? Have you done any of it to spice up your love life? Have you found any sexual positions more appealing, and if so, which one? Is there any sexual position you've wanted to try but haven't? Do you consider these texts just as oppressive as any other? Or more liberating?

Happy Valentine's Day everybody!!!!

For those of you who have a sexual partner, try something new tonight!

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 I just looked at the pictures. Some of them seemed a bit complicated

I've read the kamasutra, i've spent a whole day in the last book fair i went 5 years ago looking for that book. It was very different from what i expected. It is not the sex book that i thought it was.

The kamasutra is a book of rules about relationship, what to look and expect from a partner socially and physically; it's oriented towards men and that is saying much. It never spoke of sexual positions despite the images, but about the type of kisses, biting and pokes in flirts. The rest of it was how should a woman look (for example, her tights should not touch below her crotch), the types of arts she must know (f.e. poetry, flower arrangements, and three pages long of others), which type of women should one marry and which ones one should only fuck, and is not subtle about what it meant. The usual "marry within ones socioeconomic class".

A real letdown, luckily i didn't payed much for it.

read it?  Hell, I've lived it, and some of the positions are excruciating or downright impossible.

Use it for stretches.

Would you call the Kamasutra a 'religious' book? It's from India but I don't think it's part of Hinduism.

I think the religious section/s serve the same purpose as the topical news  articles do in penthouse.

I'll wait for the movie.

I was half way through it before I realized I was holding it upside down!!


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