about a chat program called Paltalk.

There is a room in the Religion and Spirituality section dedicated to atheist vs. theist debate and it is almost always hopping with activity.

It probably doesn't help our cause in any way since most of the theists who enter the room are of the I-know-I'm-right-and-I'm-going-to-show-these-godless-heathens-a-thing-or-two sort, but it's fun anyway. And there are some interesting atheists who hang out there. At the very least, a person could learn a lot about philosophy and science by listening in for a while.

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Thanks for posting the link. I guess I could have posted that myself.
Was it in the Atheism section? The room I go to is called "Atheist vs. Christian Debate" and if that was the room you were in, it must have been while there was a very unusually high number of theists. It's usually about 80% atheist and 20% theist and only one or two of those theists are typically part of the debate at a given time.

The moderators are usually pretty good. The only time they bounce someone is if they use one of the forbidden words (the "n" word referring to race, the "f" word referring to sexuality, and the "c" word referring to a woman's body part) or if they are just mindlessly spamming the room with things like "Jesus loves you! Go to him and he'll receive you!".

The nickname of the room owner is BBTech and he is usually in the room and he is very fair. The other regular admins are D-Madd and Bellazar and they are very fair as well. You can tell them that 4everlearning sent you. ;)
There are two different versions of Paltalk. There is a standalone program and a browser-based version. There is a small possibility that the room lists are different between the two, although they will bring you to the same chat room.

I have the standalone version and in the room list, you have the categories, including religion and spirituality. When you click on the plus sign by that category, you will find subcategories, including Atheism. Under this subcategory, the Atheist versus Christian Debate room is typically the most highly populated room, though not always.
Don't know of it. From what I've read on this site, you'd be great in those debates. You know your stuff, so please be sure to baffle them with logic. Ask them to explain Bible inconsistencies. Ask if their religious freedom belief would allow Congress to be opened w/ a reading from the Koran?
I get too worked up in those forums, so good luck to you.
Getting worked up is understandable but luckily, I don't usually get upset very easily, which makes me perfect for that kind of setting.

What we need to remember is that no matter how much evidence we have on our side or how reasonable it is to believe in some of the stuff that theists believe in, we will never make them see the light if we treat them like children or like they are lesser than we are. What I've learned is that if I treat someone with respect, even if they aren't treating me the same, they are much more likely to open up and learn from what I have to say.
Aww, the site's blocked at work.


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