If you could take someone of whatever sex you are interested in out to dinner just to be able to sit across the table from them and bask in their wit, intelligence, beauty, or whatever floats your boat, who would they be. Name as many as you like. I'll start with these. Might think of more later.

I'm suggesting these categories, along with some of mine:

Just For Fun:

Anna Faris for sure; Zooey Deschanel (and I don't even watch The New Girl)

More Seriously:

Scarlett Johansson; Gillian Anderson

Really Seriously:

Amy Mainzer; Lisa Randall

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Abbie out of NCIS.  I'd like to go raving with her. 

I could go for that.

Rupert Penry-Jones for two reasons:
    1. He is simply gorgeous, no harm in having something lovely to look at while I eat!
    2. The way he speaks does me in, His voice, his accent - I could listen to him talking all day long.

Nathan Fillion because he is just all round awesome, witty, charming, and I think he'd be a fantastic dinner companion.

And number one choice would be the guy that I have a crush on: Sam with the big brown soulful eyes, curly dark hair, and sexy crooked grin. He doesn't know I exist, but my day would be made if I could have dinner with him.

Jodi Foster - I know, I know! She plays for the other team. But I've had dreams of sharing cocktails on the 40th floor ledge of a Vegas hotel and then going inside and making love til we were blind!... Then my wife woke me up...

Scarlett Johansen. She made a movie in '05. Never got released in theaters here. It was made in Europe. Really low budget film where she played the part of an alien. She actually did full nudity! My buddy has the movie and thank goodness for that because if I had it I would be in the bathroom with it going blind! Wish I could remember the name of it.

My biggest crush was Doris Day. You laugh. Back in the day she was gorgeous. And I'm a sucker for freckles and bubbly personalities. She could sing too.

Under the Skin is the movie you're thinking of. It is dated 2013. 

I love the movie. I was told it was sci fi but it was more like a nightmarish drug dream till the very end when you know what happens.

Recommended for viewers with a very very high tolerance for WTF moments.


She is surely one of the most interesting movie stars of the day.


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