Just do you're goddamned job you effing 20 year old

This sums up the experience many of us old folks have while interacting with many (not all of course) young people who have shit-ass jobs.

BTW, mods, a while ago you added a bunch of new categories when they were suggested. I think we need a humor category, too.

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Really funny because it is so true.


He does a great Lumpy Space Princess.  Thanks!  I am off to work now, with a smile on my face.  A little Louis CK in the morning, and I'm emotionally ready to face the day.

@Unseen. There is a TA Group called "Atheist Humor". Does that not suffice for your needs?

It's a good thing he didn't ask to see the kid's forty-year-old manager. His head might have exploded before he could finish the bit.

While not everyone is going to find him funny, that's his schtick. Most of his material is delivered in the same tone even when he's talking about himself. I doubt he actually has a great deal of angst against twenty-year-olds; he just typically presents himself as a vociferous cynic for his act. He is going for laughs, and the audience is likely laughing because his overall act has put them in a mood to laugh.

Hmm. This guy isn't actually funny.

The god of humor has made a ruling. Thanks for the clarification. A rant can't be funny, nor can the nuance of setting yourself up to be the indirect object of humor.

And I don't think this guy is aiming for laughs, either

Yeah, except that he IS a comedian.


He's probably the top comedian on the scene today, and certainly any listing that doesn't put him in the top 5 has something wrong with it.

A lot of comedy is based on observations of human quirks and foibles, and few do it better than Louis CK.

You can't generally go off of a single bit. Of the top comedians around (including everyone you mentioned aside from Izzard, perhaps), all of them have had a joke where my initial response was "Hey, fuck you buddy!"

Very angry guy. Is his whole routine about being a hater?

Variation on Crocodile Dundee: "That's not hate. THIS is hate!"


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