Jurassic Civilization? (Fantastic claims require fantastic proof)

This claim has resurfaced as a result of the invasion of Crimea.
The claim of the article that appears on multiple websites is too fantastic.
If this claim is true it should be getting as much attention as Gobekli Tepe.
However, to date I am not aware of any peer reviewed articles. What is also odd, the skeptical community remains silent. Can anyone shed any light on this?:

Scientists to dig mysterious pyramids in Sevastopol

Tens of scientists from different countries explore a place in Sevastopol, where seven ancient pyramids are presumably hidden underground. Archeological dig is underway.
Sevastopol researcher Vitaly Gokh found the whereabouts of pyramids with the help of his unique patented invention, which lets to define any substances underground. For several years he has made a search of minerals and water. Detailed analysis of one of the found constructions showed not natural, but artificial character of its creation.

“We found extremely strong formation, which includes animal protein, gypsum, liquid glass, gravel. It is a man-caused pyramid, which radiates specific energy in certain periods, “Vitaly Gokh narrated.

Ihor Kotelyanets, aid of the head of Sevastopol national university of nuclear energy and industry, together with enthusiasts decided to confirm or refute the discovery.

More than 20 commissions, including international ones, have visited the place recently. The majority of scientists consider that underground pyramids of Sevastopol confirm the guess of American scientists about that 65 million years ago an ancient civilization died out because of fall of giant meteorite.

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65 million years ago an ancient civilization died out because of fall of giant meteorite

That would defy millions of man-hours of scientific research, and university/museum-fulls of evidence. Well, I guess it could be a secret alien port, but not human.

Can I please bet money on this with someone?

There appears to be supreme lack of applying Occam's razor here. Observing an anomally, if even at all, then jumping to a fantastic conclusion.

I bet you 50 euros that your skepticism is reasonable and that this story is full of giggles and woo.

Yes, it even has been cited as the reason for the invasion of  the Crimean pennisula

On account of B. 2 A.Goha invention: "METHOD geohydrodiagnostics " and "Method geoholography" (patented number 13408A from 16.12.1996g. MKI6 G01V 9/02, in Ukraine) Instantly searches for all elements of the periodic table, the individual devices, objects and various minerals, objects both on our planet and galaxy in objects (including other planets, and the stars and constellations) by providing copies (subject to model) for the application of the structural field and photos planets, constellations, stars, space segment, performed using satellite equipment or telescopic observations.

Above is from a Russian translation. He has used his invention to peer down thousands of meters into the planet Mars and deduce that it consists mainly of diamonds and platinum. It can, in an instant, detect any element from Mendeleev’s periodic table, even seeing through the intense radiation of stars.

I suspect that if he does find the seven ancient pyramids that it will turn out that they are burial chambers with each of the names “Happy, Sleepy, Sneezy, Grumpy, Dopey, Bashful and Doc” written on them.

In case I am mistaken could you provide the names of the “tens of scientists” or links to some of the 20 commissions work including the international ones.

It is true however that an ancient civilization died out 65 ma. They were the non-avian dinosaurs. The Alvarez Hypothesis

When there was reports of Bosnian pyramids, the academic community quickly was on site and debunked the claim. The most noteable debunker was Dr. Hawass of the Egyptian Antiquities.
I wonder what the hold up is here.

Sometimes the claims are so preposterous that they are not worth debunking. It is the ones that seem credulous and have already taken hold that are.

You are probably right. no one worth their salt wants to qualify the report with a response.

A human civilization alongside very small mammals (shrew-, mouse-, rat-sized critters)? Where are the human fossils? We have fossils for the small mammals.


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