Ok, I'm wondering if anyone can help me with this.. 
Did Josephus mention Jesus height in his writings..? 

I know it's an odd question.. I could swear I saw once where it said Josephus mentioned Jesus height at 4 cubits.. 

This is related to a conversation I was having recently.. the person I was talking stuck by the idea that Jesus had to be close to 6'... 

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"Both his nature and his form were human: for he was a man of simple appearance, mature age, short growth, three cubits tall [about 4 and a half feet, based on the Jewish cubit], with scanty hair, but having a line in the middle of the head after the fashion of the Naziraeans, eyebrows meeting above the nose so that the spectators could take fright, with a long face, a long nose, and with an undeveloped beard, dark skin, and hunchbacked." (The Messiah Jesus and John the Baptist According to Flavius Josephus, Robert Eisler, Ph.D.; The Dial Press, New York; pp. 425-429)

I found that on this website

Rock on.. I knew I saw that some place. Thank you. :) ...

Oh and Happy belated birthday..

Thanks Rob!

How did he know it was your birthday? Have you been chippying on me?

I think a little (dino) birdie may have told him - grin.


Yeshua was hunchbacked? What happened to "the perfect Lamb"? Couldn't his daddy have magiced that away? I'm beginning to lose all faith in religion --

Did you notice this, on the second comment to follow the one you quote?

I too am familiar with the descriptions he mentioned, but they originated from latter sources, NOT Josephus.

I have the complete works of Flavius Josephus, and if you are familiar with his writings, nowhere does he describe Jesus (Yeshua) .(Nor for that matter does he describe John the Baptist, or James the brother of Jesus, nor Herod, nor Pilate). People at that time didn't describe in detail people's appearance other than in general terms, I.e. .Esther was 'beautiful' or David was 'ruddy' (whatever that meant).

In fact, Josephus doesn't describe anyone's physical appearance. It's others over the years who, with artistic liberty, comment and add to ancient manuscripts. (Much like commentators add to the scriptures today and taint them). According to these latter writings, they had Jesus everywhere from 6'4" and looking like a Nordic, to Quasimodo.

Yes, I linked the page for that reason too.  Rob thought he had seen something on the subject, so i found what I thought he had seen.  I have no knowledge of these writings that are even remotely comparable to yours or certain other TA members.

Naziraeans?  Nazareth hadn't even been built in Jesus' lifetime.

It is my understanding that the Nazirites had nothing to do with Nazareth.  The confusion naturally led to another old testament "prophecy" of jesus.

I don't recall that from Josephus, but then I haven't read all of his works - I DO know, however, that he never met the man (if he ever existed).

On the other hand, a cubit is 18 inches, so four of those would indeed be six feet. On the third hand (think, "Zaphod Beeblebrox"), most men at the time were not much larger than 5 feet/5 feet, 6. A six-foot man would certainly stand out in a crowd, much like me on the streets of downtown Tijuana.


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