Apparently Jenny McCarthy isn't as crazy with her anti-vaxxer stance as she used to be. She did a ton of damage, but its good to see her changing her tune some. Now she is more about 'greener vaccines' and 'get the toxins out.'

But some of her message still seems a little too far out there. Especially the stuff about doctors and scientists that don't want to hear from her doctors that 'cured' Evan. Seems too conspiracy theory to me. If there's really a cure, why the hell would this small group of doctors be the only ones who know about it? Where is their huge press release? Their peer reviewed papers? Their big treatment center?

Are these guys just the autistic version of the Discovery Institute?

What say you? Thoughts? Additions? Am I being close minded?

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The toxins seem to be the new focus of these people. All their other claims that had specific targets have fallen flat and they just keep moving the goal post in their crusade against vaccines. So, now it's the toxins.

They are still anti-science idiots and never forget Jenny's quest to be special (think Indigo).
Not closed minded at all, Johnny. Jenny is an anti-science nutter. They really are the Discovery Institute of vaccines. Crazy conspiracy theories about "Big Pharma" (insert scary music here), repeated refusals to look at the evidence, and a belief that reading about autism on Google makes her more qualified to speak about it than people who have spent their entire lives working to study and cure it all make her the equivalent of the guy who insists that the fluoride in tap water is used by the government for mind control.
I don't believe that they're any less crazy than before.
They are changing their tactics only.
Remember when comedians stuck to making bad fart jokes and left the dispensing of medical advice to qualified medical professional?

Those were the days...
Haha. Ah....nostalgia!


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