Another fairy tale of Xtian's changing things to fit with modern life. 
Why does this idea still persist today, when even the most ignorant of all believers must realize that he was born in Israel, and therefore must have had a dark complextion. (and was probably hella short, too!)

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kind of reminds me of a movie I saw once. I don't remember what it was called, but a couple of black dudes plan on robing a church for some reason. it was a good reason..probably for a poor person or something. anyway, they brake in to the church and the one guy stops. the other guy goes, "whats wrong, what are you looking at?" the first guy says, "he's staring at me". The other guy says "who!?" The first guy says "White Jesus!".
Its called "Identification" Most to All cultures worship a deity of their

Its common enough that we also try really hard to Identify with our leaders
as well.
The whole,
"Look at me, I'm just like you. Don't harm me."

Psychological if you ask me.
For a non-person, what difference does it make except to racists, extremists and church folks unaware of Jeshua origins.
I think the basis for this legend might be The Life of Brian - which I would have no problem with! Especially if he really were called Brian :D
Haven't you watched Family Guy? He's Black. and he said, "I rode into town on an Ass —Yo' Mama's Ass"
that show is freaking awesome. Have you seen the episode where Meg found God?
actually he's white: "do you have any idea how complex your circulatory system is!?"
ROFLMAO! I love Family Guy!
What was it that Texas governor said about giving Spanish equal status to English in his state? "If English was good enough for Jesus Christ, it's good enough for me"

(okay, I know it's probably apocryphal...)
but... was there a Jesus ???
Ultimately, the historical Jesus is unknown and unknowable.
yes, god like qualities made in Rome or Greece by the autors of the gospels.


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