What do you think of Jesus the man? His philosophies? Do you think that the Bible represents his teachings coherently, or do you think their own two cents were dropped in as word-in-his-mouth?

Do you think he had a sense of humor? That he had a normal childhood? Where did he go during his lost years?

It's funny. Reading Lamb, by Christopher Moore, for the second time, I came to wonder what Jesus really DID do during his missing years. Even as an Atheist I am sure that Jesus was a real person-- not a special person, just a philosopher, a teacher, more than likely. So this is based on that assumption that he may have been a real man, regardless of whether one believes he's the Messiah or not.

Well, I decided to do some research, and it turns out that Christopher may not have been far off in his story about Jesus traveling to the East.




There's a strong theory that asserts he went to India and Tibet during his eighteen unrecorded years. I think I can see strong influence of Taoist philosophy in his teaching, so this isn't far fetched at all to me personally.

I'm curious to see how many Atheists believe Jesus was a historical figure at the least.

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Good pictures Doone, you are a wizard despite yourself.
I'm sure being an atheist might cause P91 to have a reduced effect, but what about the true believers that it fails every day? Of course, it's kind of hard to count them, because they are dead.

Your theory is like saying there is no point in wearing seat belts, because I never wore seat belts as a kid, and I'm fine.
Carefully read my threads, I am still searching the the Oracles of God.

Their public appearance will at least coincided with the rebuilding of the Jewish Temple.

However the Psalm can benefit anyone not just prophets and miracle workers.


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