What do you think of Jesus the man? His philosophies? Do you think that the Bible represents his teachings coherently, or do you think their own two cents were dropped in as word-in-his-mouth?

Do you think he had a sense of humor? That he had a normal childhood? Where did he go during his lost years?

It's funny. Reading Lamb, by Christopher Moore, for the second time, I came to wonder what Jesus really DID do during his missing years. Even as an Atheist I am sure that Jesus was a real person-- not a special person, just a philosopher, a teacher, more than likely. So this is based on that assumption that he may have been a real man, regardless of whether one believes he's the Messiah or not.

Well, I decided to do some research, and it turns out that Christopher may not have been far off in his story about Jesus traveling to the East.




There's a strong theory that asserts he went to India and Tibet during his eighteen unrecorded years. I think I can see strong influence of Taoist philosophy in his teaching, so this isn't far fetched at all to me personally.

I'm curious to see how many Atheists believe Jesus was a historical figure at the least.

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I like the flaming red hair in your mini-photo by the way. It's a good hue.

Thank you! :)
But what is absent in the Hebraic tradition is the rewriting of history to glorify the current dynastic clan. Moreover Hebraic scribes wrote down current events as they happen. And the prophet wrote down things as they shall appear in the future. Another major difference that differentiates the Hebraic Tradition. However fictional works did eventually get distributed during the Hellenistic era.
All of which related the past as myths in other cultures.
The first Century tradition would include living books or oracles. At present I am not privy to these living oracles. "The Lampstands and Olive trees before the God of the whole Earth." They escaped Jerusalem before it's destruction in 70 AD.

They will return after the Jewish Temple is rebuilt. Then the prophetic clock of Daniel Chapter 9 will start ticking again. "These will have the power to close the heavens in the days of their prophecies ( that it rains not) and to turn rivers into blood."
I have no idea, but I do know this;

if jesus did visit india it didn't change any of his teachings nor did he get "enlightened" by any indian teachers,the reason those years arent recorded is because we dont need them, everything thats recorded in the word of Yahweh is everything we need to know,i believe EVERY WORD of the bible was acurately recorded in the original manuscripts, of course in the translations we have errors and mistranslations etc....thats where we have to pull out our hebrew/english,greek/english bible dictionaries ,check out this verse:2Pe 1:20 " Knowing this first, that no prophecy of the scripture is of any private interpretation. " 2Pe 1:21 " For the prophecy came not in old time by the will of man: but holy men of God spake [as they were] moved by the Holy Ghost." so in other words the writers of the bible didnt write down their" words"("private interpretation").. but "holy men of God spake as they were moved by the HOLY GHOST."(BOLD MINE)so Jesus' words were perfectly recorded by the original writers in the original languages because they were guided by the Holy Ghost ,who was there when everything happened,even though it was written later.there was no" human" "2 cents worth"thrown in. i believe he had a sense of humour,if we have one he has a better one(because he was a perfect human,without sin)yet He was also 100%God at the same time.yes i believe He had a normal jewish childhood (no he didnt do any miracles as a boy!)(he did His first miracle at 30,dont believe anything else:Jhn 2:11 This BEGINNING of miracles did Jesus in Cana of Galilee, and manifested forth his glory; and his disciples believed on him (BOLD MINE) hope i helped!PEACE
I love you Doone. :) Just sayin'.
do you have the Holy Spirit living inside of you? ( i'masking doone)
Daemons? lol

Golden Compass? Anyone?
Hahaha. They are external spirits! Daemons! Good call. :) Cutest daemons ever, bunnies in cups!
well the (Biblical)Holy Spirit is the Spirit of truth,and you dont have the BIBLICAL Holy Spirit So the fact that youre mocking Him concerns me. Since you dont have the BIBLICAL Holy Spirit you dont know truth, to be a true atheist you would have to know Everything there is to know about EVERYTHING in the universe,and if you knew that then you would be God. Do you know everything there is to know about everything in the universe? (askingdoone)
This is a huge flaw in logic. By that logic, to know God definitely exists, you would also have to know everything in the universe to say that definitely, as much as saying he doesn't exist. I don't think you're God, either.
well the bible teaches that no can say jesus is lord but by the Holy Spirit and no one speaking by the spirit of God calls jesus accursed, so no , doone wouldnt be mocking jesus if he had the spirit of God within him


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