What do you think of Jesus the man? His philosophies? Do you think that the Bible represents his teachings coherently, or do you think their own two cents were dropped in as word-in-his-mouth?

Do you think he had a sense of humor? That he had a normal childhood? Where did he go during his lost years?

It's funny. Reading Lamb, by Christopher Moore, for the second time, I came to wonder what Jesus really DID do during his missing years. Even as an Atheist I am sure that Jesus was a real person-- not a special person, just a philosopher, a teacher, more than likely. So this is based on that assumption that he may have been a real man, regardless of whether one believes he's the Messiah or not.

Well, I decided to do some research, and it turns out that Christopher may not have been far off in his story about Jesus traveling to the East.




There's a strong theory that asserts he went to India and Tibet during his eighteen unrecorded years. I think I can see strong influence of Taoist philosophy in his teaching, so this isn't far fetched at all to me personally.

I'm curious to see how many Atheists believe Jesus was a historical figure at the least.

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It's ridiculous, Fred. People pretending to know God denying other people who pretend to know God.

A complete sham.
I beleive that if he existed, which I'm not saying he didn't...He was only a prophet.

Or he could be made up too....either way.

I agree..I think a lot of us wonder what the hell he was doing in the time that was not recorded.
Well it would be relieving if he never existed but i believe he did,dawkins have affirmed it even later on.
It would be interesting if we once found out what really happen..
The very fact we are having this discussion should be evidence enough that the existence of a god is nonsense. If a god did exist it would be so fantastic we would all know beyond any doubt whatsoever. The evidence would be indisputable yet all we have is a book called the bible which is full of contradictions and open to many different interpretations that it cannot and should not be taken seriously by any thinking person. It was written long after Jesus was supposed to have lived and not one historian of the time wrote anything about him which I think is amazing considering who he was supposed to be.

One piece of "evidence" that christians present is that paragraph in the works of Flavius Josephus where he claimed Jesus was the messiah who performed miracles. There are scholars who have studied Josephus' works for many years and are convinced that paragraph is a forgery added three centuries later. Josephus was born after Jesus died so even if he did write it it is only heresay.

People who claim the holy spirit is within them or their god has spoken to them are can only be regards as deluded individuals as people from all religions worshiping different gods say exactly the same thing which makes a nonsense of the whole idea.

I have seen many youtube videos of discussions between atheists and theists and the "evidence" presented by the theist is not evidence at all but ideas, theories and speculation. Here is a perfect example:-


They don't seem to know what real evidence is. If they went to a court of law to defend their belief the case be thrown out.

It is often asked why atheists make such a fuss about religion and don't just sit back and let them get on with it. Religion has been shoved down people's throats and persecuted people for thousands of years and it's time someone hit back. it was a human creation made at a time before science when superstition was a way of life and people believed anything the literate told them.

It's the 21st century and it's time people finally woke up to the truth. As the Americans say so aptly "wake up and smell the coffee."

Speculation is so passive.

I like action and dynamics, for instance, "Prove me now herewith says the Lord"

"He could not swear by any higher so he swore by himself, if you..."

We are assured of the "immutability of his counsel"

Therefore put into action Psalm 91 and see if it works!
That's a passive response Doone
And not to be injurious. Obviously without faith you could not possibly put it into action.
And if it doesn't work, you'll be dead and so you won't be able to say "see, it doesn't work!" Psalm 91 is yet another circular passage from the bible.
Another passive response, see my reply to Doone
The catch 22 is that if you want to disprove the immutability of His counsel you must first have the faith to even bother to do what he is saying. Doing it under the pretense of Atheism still might result in something. After all you won't be the first "Doubting Thomas."
Reminds me of the Jules Verne's "Mysterious Island"

Captain Nemo said," I see that you are man of faith whereas, I am a man of science!."


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