Okay! Prepare yourself! The video you are about to see is so ridiculous that you may die laughing!!! Skycomet and the makers of this video take no responsibility if that happens!!! Enjoy... Jesus Camp Gone Wild!!!

Any thoughts, or are you so braindead after that Christian brainwashing session that you can't say anything? LOL!

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I agree. I could not watch this entire video. Though I never resorted to fear-mongering, I am ashamed that I once taught Sunday school to kids of this age. When I started the clip, I figured I would get a good laugh but I was tortured inside that adults abuse impressionable children like this. If adults want to act childish and believe in myths, it is their right. But it is abusive to tell children, in essence, "Believe in Santa Claus or burn in hell."
This movie terrified me, watching it. I thought I was being indoctrinated, but it was nothing like this. Speaking in tongues, how on Earth is that "praising God" if you can't do it in your own language? That's something else, how is this NOT a cult?

Watching the entire movie, you feel that Levi, a little boy they feature in the movie as an upcoming preacher, is a smart kid, but without proper books and a fear of pursuing knowledge that may be "forbidden" is simply being used for his gift to retain knowledge and make it easier to understand. That kid could have been a wonderful teacher, or scientist, or anything else.

But instead, this happens. Makes me sick.
I don't these people are from america lol

yes they are.

As a Christian, this saddens me a lot. :(

If you want Christianity to survive, then it is liberal and moderate christians like you that must stand up and publicly denounce this as loud as we do. Other Christians will listen to you far more than they will listen to us.

These people need padded rooms.

I had a friend in college that was a fundie Christian. I just saw him again after a couple years. We hung out and somehow this movie came up in conversation. It turns out that he saw this movie and immediately disassociated himself from his church and is now an atheist.

There is no greater force for turning away Christians than fundamentalists

These people are vile.  Just look at the fear and guilt in those kids faces when that creature tells them they are basicly evil.  It boils my blood to see this shit, because at one point I was one of those kids.  Its fucked up nostalgia lol.


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