Okay! Prepare yourself! The video you are about to see is so ridiculous that you may die laughing!!! Skycomet and the makers of this video take no responsibility if that happens!!! Enjoy... Jesus Camp Gone Wild!!!

Any thoughts, or are you so braindead after that Christian brainwashing session that you can't say anything? LOL!

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I remember a few years ago, I was at a friend's house, and we were just watching television - more specifically, we were watching "Sabrina the Teenage Witch". Upon seeing this, my friend's mom just flipped out, change the channel, and started to yell at her. Now, keep in mind, this was a while ago - I think we were both around 7 or 8 years old. It's just amazing how these people think.

These poor kids are being completely brainwashed, it's so sad to see.
They're also being traumatized [even before they might deconvert]. By the end of this vid, many of the young children are sobbing.
When you're convinced that "you're bad." or "God hates you" you try to do EVERYTHING possible to watch what you do.
Yeah... when I deconverted I was suddenly FURIOUS at my parents for sending me to "vacation bible school" and "sunday school" and "Super Wednesday." I never had a choice in the matter and I felt HIGHLY BETRAYED. It was almost like I had been raped or something... I never had the same good relationship with my parents or my church as I did as a child.
This gives me horrible flashbacks of my vacation bible school...
We were told we were Warriors of Jesus or some such nonsense...
It wasn't this radical...but still.
This video makes me sick...its just terrible.
These poor children, being bullied into religion by these radical nutjobs...
They are trying to fit in, and here they have the people they look up to feeding them lies.
"I may never march in the infantry
Fire the artillery
Shoot all the enemy
I may never ride in the Calvary
But I'm in the lord's army!
Yes Sir!
I'm in the lord's army!
Yes Sir! "

I still remember that little gem from my Baptist Sunday school in California!
Wow, I remember that one...I'd completely forgotten it.
What about this one that teaches literalism to kids and also teaching them that they're sinners. I guarantee you'll know it!

"Jesus loves me this I know
For the Bible tells me so!
Little ones to him belong
They are weak but he is strong!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
Yes, Jesus loves me!
The Bible tells me so!"

What's disturbing is that I LOVED that song as a kid!
This one's fun, too:

My bible and I (my bible!)
My bible and I (my bible!)
Oh what a wonderful treasure, god gave without measure
We'll be happy together, my Bible and I.
We were called the "Bible Bees" O.o
i made my college mates watch this, the whole class seemed shocked...
Like most of you, the 1st time I watched this movie, I cried my eyes out for all of those poor kids being brainwashed like that.
I also grew up in a christian family, not fundies, but it was bad enough. Sunday school, bible study, summer camp where every single activity that should have been some fun in the sun like swimming or learning to canoe, was turned into a bible lesson, had me absolutely terrified. I was so afraid of making god angry every year at summer camp because they made us go swimming, they made us get in the canoes, I was afraid god was going to punish me and a big fish was going to swallow me...hahahaha

But anyway, this movie makes me cry, makes me sad, angry, furious, and scared for the future of our country.
There are tons of christian camps just like this one all across the country, teaching tons of kids the same and who knows, maybe even worse, types of teachings, and they will be the leaders some day.
They will run the companies, be the school teachers, the bankers, the CEOs, the presidents and people in charge, and we should be frightened my friends, we should all be very very afraid of what these children are being brainwashed to do.
They are being taught to die for their god just as the Muslim terrorist children are taught to die for their god.
They are being taught to vote for and appoint only righteous in the name of their god, leaders and presidents and judges, people who think like them.

Every time I see clips of this movie, I get more sad, and even more angry.
You're right, many of these Fundie children will remain brainwashed 'till the end of their lives... I simply refer to these people as "The Lost" because they are broken and can never be fixed, unless they fix themselves.
However, I have found that among every brainwashing program like churches and cults; their are always those intelligent enough to break free of their bonds and seek the truth for themselves.

I am happy to be one of the people smart enough to break free from the Slavery imposed upon me by the church.
The ones who doubt are our hope.


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