Okay! Prepare yourself! The video you are about to see is so ridiculous that you may die laughing!!! Skycomet and the makers of this video take no responsibility if that happens!!! Enjoy... Jesus Camp Gone Wild!!!

Any thoughts, or are you so braindead after that Christian brainwashing session that you can't say anything? LOL!

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I was sent to a camp more or less like that for a few years in a row when I was a kid (my mom didn't realize how extreme it was - she thought it was a Christian camp like prayers before bedtime, not like this - and I never really told her because I thought it was normal so I never complained). I was 7/8 and it was my experiences there that made me become an atheist at such a young age. I understand I didn't have my entire family to rebel against, just the camp, so it might have made it easier for me, but I don't understand why more kids can't see how ridiculous this is, even though they are just kids.
I forgot to mention that I also used to go along with everyone being all insane like this just so I wouldn't be chastised, and I completely faked all of that crying and thrashing and praying stuff (never did fake speaking in tongues although I did contemplate it for a while) - it makes me wonder how many of these kids are faking it, too.
Faking it: Isn't that what speaking in tongues is?
Well obviously, but I don't think a lot of people realize they're faking it.
Well, I feel sorry for those people, then.
I nearly shot water out of my nose at 6:35 when that little girl is walking around on Kleenex duty.
Hilarious in a very sad way. It's all normal to her.

This was basically every church service that I ever went to. I couldn't begin to tell you the horror stories. Though, these kids are in casual clothes. I would have been, literally, beaten if I tried to leave the house without my dress clothes on for church. It makes me relieved to be away from all of that absolute craziness.
If you ask me it takes a special mind to question this kind of stuff and dare to deny it and since believers have more children religion will prevail,or am I to pessimistic?
All horror aside, a bit of humor for me..

The holy cleansing water of God is bottled by Nestle in Montana.

Funny, don't remember that being part of their sales pitch.
How does a priest make Holy Water? He boils HELL out of it.
I have the whole of this movie. It should be classed as HORROR. Yet I was brainwashed as a Roman Catholic. I was taught how to go to Confession by a Nun with a large cane and made to tell my sins to the whole class.

Roman Catholics are NOT alowwed to question.. The Roman Catholic Church has crazy beliefs like eating Jesus in a piece of bread and praying to a dead guy on a stick.

I just feel for those poor kids in the hands of that witch Rev. Bekky. I'd like to ask her how much she charges to haunt a house.
Isn't that in the United CHRISTIAN States of America?
I couldn't finish this video. It made me feel so bad for those children... I mean, with my understanding of psychology (which is pretty pathetic, to be honest), what they were doing looked like child abuse.


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