Okay! Prepare yourself! The video you are about to see is so ridiculous that you may die laughing!!! Skycomet and the makers of this video take no responsibility if that happens!!! Enjoy... Jesus Camp Gone Wild!!!

Any thoughts, or are you so braindead after that Christian brainwashing session that you can't say anything? LOL!

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Like most of you, the 1st time I watched this movie, I cried my eyes out for all of those poor kids being brainwashed like that.
I also grew up in a christian family, not fundies, but it was bad enough. Sunday school, bible study, summer camp where every single activity that should have been some fun in the sun like swimming or learning to canoe, was turned into a bible lesson, had me absolutely terrified. I was so afraid of making god angry every year at summer camp because they made us go swimming, they made us get in the canoes, I was afraid god was going to punish me and a big fish was going to swallow me...hahahaha

But anyway, this movie makes me cry, makes me sad, angry, furious, and scared for the future of our country.
There are tons of christian camps just like this one all across the country, teaching tons of kids the same and who knows, maybe even worse, types of teachings, and they will be the leaders some day.
They will run the companies, be the school teachers, the bankers, the CEOs, the presidents and people in charge, and we should be frightened my friends, we should all be very very afraid of what these children are being brainwashed to do.
They are being taught to die for their god just as the Muslim terrorist children are taught to die for their god.
They are being taught to vote for and appoint only righteous in the name of their god, leaders and presidents and judges, people who think like them.

Every time I see clips of this movie, I get more sad, and even more angry.
You're right, many of these Fundie children will remain brainwashed 'till the end of their lives... I simply refer to these people as "The Lost" because they are broken and can never be fixed, unless they fix themselves.
However, I have found that among every brainwashing program like churches and cults; their are always those intelligent enough to break free of their bonds and seek the truth for themselves.

I am happy to be one of the people smart enough to break free from the Slavery imposed upon me by the church.
The ones who doubt are our hope.
"i don't care what kind of heroes they are they're an enemy of god"

so morality is not what you do but what you believe? fuck.

this isn't funny, it is terrifying. the fact that so much evil is done by people who obviously believe that what they are doing is for the kids' good. but i guess as the saying goes "good people do good things and evil people do evil things; it takes religion for good people to do evil things."
I remember things like this happening at my church when I was a kid. I never cried or spoke in tongues or anything like the other kids and the kids in this movie, even then I knew that was crazy, but the whole experience still bothered me quite a bit.
That's horrible! That is not funny, that is just horrible! They're f*cking with those kids' minds!!! I did find it funny at first with the whole Harry Potter thing, but after that I noticed how seriously the kids were taking it. Just look at that! How could they f*cking do that!? And a lot of Christians call other religions savage! I just about cried like all those kids, that was almost traumatizing! What is the world coming to?!
WTF? That is just sick! The girl at the end, notice the twitch in her voice. She is gonna need a shrink.
(I know this is late, but...)

You know, the whole Harry Potter thing was interesting to me. The fundies absolutely lost their minds with it.

But during the whole case and trial and outcry, the voice... my voice... was never heard. The questions I wanted asked were never asked.

"Um... excuse me, but... uh... why are you so afraid that your children will be unable to distinguish fantasy from reality?

Might it... possibly... (and I'm just throwing this out there) be because you taught them a fantasy as reality? And you know it?"
I seriously can not wait to see one of these kids from 5 years from now come out and say "WTF WAS I THINKING!?"
I've seen clips of this before and that's why I'm not watching this one. It is absolutely DISGUSTING!
Hmm, I couldn't find Nestle's Water of the Lord's Word at the store.

In all seriousness though, that was physically painful to watch. How many want to be those that would give up their lives for Jesus? And they all cheer and raise their hands? Wow, thats scary.
This really is sick. That they actually think what they're doing is good.. Fuck. This literally is brainwashing. You hear that term thrown around pretty casually these days, but they are running water on sponges here. Disease-infested water. FUCK.
This makes me so sick and furious that I just HAVE to do something about it. I say fight our side of this "war" they're so hellbent on fighting and teach the kids around us, help the ones who run screaming from the Jesus camps, and spread more intelligent goodness where we find this mindless need to control.
If you haven't heard of Camp Quest already: http://www.camp-quest.org/
Camp Quest West: http://west.camp-quest.org/
If there's a location near you, volunteer. If you know any kids, or people who have kids, that would be interested, refer them. Print out flyers & ask around at work or school etc. They wanted a fucking war. I wanna fight fire with fire on this one cause I know that eventually, in a few years or a few decades, we will win. OUR life goals and philosophies are capable of being instilled in young, impressionable children WITHOUT causing permanent, life-long trauma, social crutches, mental damage..
Just rawr. I need to go sleep off my anger & disgust. (But not my conviction. I'm volunteering next time CQW opens up.)
On the bright side, the Jesus Camp shown has been shut down since 2006. Lack of funds and negative publicity, it seems.

Of course, there are probably plenty of others out there...

In addition to Camp Quest, there are also Skepticamps. In fact, there's a planning meeting for on this afternoon that I intend to attend.


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