The other day someone posted a picture on my Facebook page. It was a poorly drawn image of Jesus with a little girl with no hair, presumably on chemo. The text with the image was "type Heal if you agree" there were thousands upon thousands of likes and comments so out of curiosity I had a look. Low and behold, page after page after page of the word "Heal". Unlike atheist posts where you tend to see all kinds of supporting and dissenting views, all there was to see was the word that was asked for, like sheep page after page of blind ? What do you call it? Do these people really honestly believe that a questionable prophet dead over two thousand years is responsible for saving the life life of a child with cancer? I can think of no other response but sad.

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Eva, that's brilliant! "Bullet stays in" Haha
I think god works in "mischievous" ways.
John. I get a lot of this too, on Facebook.
We know believers believe in god, and some in Jesus.
But what gets me is this. How many people still think its okay to tell these people otherwise. Some of us still think its okay to tell these people that their wrong. They're not.
We are.
For not being an example of good without god
For not showing respect.
These Facebook religious people.. They aren't as comfortable with science as we are. Let them be comfortable. They aren't harming anyone. Just annoying us all..


Hello RTL - 

Theres a whole series of those pictures - they're great.

"I think god works in "mischievous" ways"

Thats cute.

"Just annoying us all.."


Here is the link to the site that hosts a bunch of those images.

Fuck off Jesus!

So much hating on that page...

Too much "god still loves you" stuff.

Why do you believe that religion should merit uncritical acceptance ? Is it because you believe that religious belief is not harmful ? I would offer you the entirety of recorded human history to counter that claim . If people believed the world was flat , and wished to legislate this as an alternate theory of geography , or planetary science , should we allow this out of respect for their beliefs ? Poorly reasoned ideas are all equally bad and should be criticized . No " pass" should be given to any non falsifiable belief just because it happens to be religious . Religion should not be respected , nor should it hold any privileged ranking among other bad ideas or beliefs .

Jesus is poop.

My favorite!


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