According to this nut bar ,, we can all go on vacation. I mean whats the point of carrying on since jezus will be down in a few months? Ths gets more play than you would think after I read it I was in the north of Guatemala and there was a bill board in Spanish announcing the end of days , 21 may 2011.


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This seriously interferes with my plans for Dec 21, 2012, ya know!  LOL

So true.

I was all set for that one. Now it turns out they pulled the date back by more than a year and a half. Outrageous!



I remember this discussion being lobbied in 1999 about the year 2000. One of my friends father (a real Christian fundamentalist nut job) was pissed off because not only did nothing major happen (besides Fireworks), but Sam's Club would not take back the pallet (yes I said PALLET) of canned "spam" that he had purchased to tide him over during Armageddon until JC could provide for him. It seems that Sam's Clubs all over the city had been inundated with survival nuts and religious zealots trying to return ridiculous amounts of bulk food and non-perishables that they had purchased to get them through the end of the world before the rapture!


On May 22nd they will look like as big idiots as the 2000 folks! Then we just have to wait for the Mayan Calendar 2012 folks to go through their "No, NOW is the real end of time on Earth!" before we can get back to our every day religious stupidity, inbstead of these extremes.

These individuals are deceived as indicated in 'The Religious Zone' Forum.


Through histories these false teacher and falses prophets have caused God's name to be blasphemed among non-believers.

Weak minded individuals being tossed to and fro by every wind of doctrine, foaming their own rage.


A sure word of prophecy that has been fulfilled, has been their very existence, in accordance with the prophecy of Jesus Christ in the synoptic Gospels.

Harold Camping is a Civil Engineer, but a religious fool. And, they that follow him are lemmings running off a cliff. But we need not stop there, what presents itselfs as Christianity today foots that bill. Dross fit for the furnace.

Who is the bigger fool: the fool, or the fool who follows him?


All I need to know I learned from Star Wars.

Star Wars rocks!

Yes as the letter C blinks between capitalized and uncaptilized.

I wish it were true that all of the nutjobs would get swept away into the sky in a few months.  Sadly, I don't think it's very likely.  8^(
ha ha! Religious ppl have been saying the world was going to end since civilization began.


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