Egg from Mary, Sperm from God? Earthly X, Godly Y

Egg from Mary, Sperm from David? (Many say the Bible does not provide a genealogy of Mary)

Zygote implanted, 100% God DNA, Is Mary really a virgin?

And finally, why do paintings of Adam and Eve always show them having belly buttons.?

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Bathroom stalls and walls can be very educational.

Egg from Mary, Sperm from David? (Many say the Bible does not provide a genealogy of Mary)

Actually if you check the two genealogies (Mark and Luke) they are quite different from each other, and it's also painfully obvious that Luke could not count since he divided his genealogy into groups of three, each with fourteen generations.  Except that one of the groups only has thirteen.  Anyhow, when the inconsistencies (say it ain't so!) between the two lists are pointed out, one weasel tactic is to claim that one of them is in fact the genealogy of Mary.

One more piece of evidence that the nativity tale(s) were separately and independently made up as they appear in Matthew and Luke, solely to fabricate explain how this guy apparently from the Galilee region could possibly be the messiah (who was supposed to be from Bethlehem according to the prophetic buzz of the time).

Joseph's genealogy in fact should not be an issue whatsoever since he allegedly wasn't the father.  It's possible (I am speculating entirely on my own here) that the original version of both stories didn't have the virgin birth schtick in them at all, and that Jesus was originally misportrayed as a human descendant of David.  Then someone came along and grafted in the virgin birth.  Regardless of whether it happened in two phases or just one, however, we can rest confident because of their differences that the two nativity tales were recent add ons to the Jesus tale at the time pen hit papyrus.  (Amazing what you can learn, even from analyzing bullshit.)

Most of the images of jesus I saw while I was younger had him looking like this:

Blue eyes?  Wow!  Most of the visuals I had as a kid was a man twisted in pain on a torture device - I'm so grateful my mother never put religion into our lives.

All too often, he is erroneously portrayed this way. I won't even comment on his Germanic appearance, except to say I don't know why the army needed Judas to identify him for them. among a group of short, scruffy-looking, ebony-coiffed, olive-skinned Jews, anybody looking like the above portrait would have stuck out like a sucked thumb on a dirty baby.

My objection is to the placement of the nailholes, also all too often misrepresented - nails placed where those scars indicate they were, would have torn out easily as the body drooped and its full weight was brought to bear on the hands, which, as one can see, have no solid, bony support in that area. In actuality, the nails were driven in at the junction of the Radius and the Ulna (see "X"), allowing the Radius to support the weight, with its attachment to the Ulna as additional support, which must have hurt like hell, but then it was never advertised as an attractive alternative to Club Med.


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