This idea can have logic and great value even for an atheist.  

Not that long ago I offered for some angry people to kick my head in, to prove a point about how men should treat women (i.e. don't bully them).  (I guess they didn't have the heart to do it.)  

Among the many interpretations which can be placed on the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, we can say this:  

Jesus went to his death willingly - in that he knew it was going to happen, and didn't run away, when he could have done - in order to prove and illustrate a point.  That point was his life's work (well, the last 3 years').  One of his main lessons was that we can all be given the chance for our sins to be forgiven, provided we earn it and do the necessary real work involved.  Provided we go to our Crucifixion willingly.  If he can get himself crucified, we should be up to saying sorry and putting things right when we have to.  We should be humble enough to suffer for what we have done.  We should be humble enough to let something go instead of escalating to some kind of blood feud.  

He also forgave the people who were crucifying him. 

By dramatically illustrating the idea that God can forgive our sins, will always give us a second chance to make good: life became possible, life became good, life became fruitful.  Instead of nasty, brutish and short.  Hence the Resurrection. 

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@Joshua - you can actually start with common science, and then find that Jesus was talking 100% sense. 

Really? Where's the casting out of demons in science? I must have missed that class.

OK, 99%

And then there's the part where fig trees are supposed to bear fruit out of season when Jesus wants a snack. Guess it's 98% now. Care to go for 97?

Forget that Dave, if you want to talk science, let's go all the way back to the virgin birth and the fact that Holy Spooks don't have DNA, so Yeshua would have been an exact clone of Mama Mary, boobs and all.

I was leaving the intangible sperm for later, arch. :D

Weather control and altering the surface tension of a lake are also on the list.

That was Demon Casting 403, an advanced course, and taught only on alternating semesters, due to low demand - it was easy to miss, so don't beat yourself up about it.

The only example of 'demons in science', would 'Maxwell's Demon'. If memory serves, this 'demon' was used in reference to thermodynanics. Can't quiet remember context, but maybe dealing with entropy.

You mean that an anonymous author, writing 30-100 years after the alleged event, who was never there, basing his story entirely on hearsay and his imagination, said that Yeshua said things that made 100% sense - stick to the facts.

Shhh, Josh - he hasn't yet figured out how totally illogical that sounds - let's let him have his blissful ignorance just a little longer, I'm afraid to mention there's no Santa Claus.

Let me think this through :) it is an ingenious thought.

"Atheism offers nothing to me,
it never has and it never will,
it doesn't make me feel good or comfort me,
it's not there for me when i'm sick or ill,
it won't intervene in my times of need or it won't protect me from hate,
it doesn't care if i fail or succeed,
it won't wipe the tears from my eyes,
it does nothing when i have got nowhere to run,
it won't give me wise words or advice,
it has no teachings for me to learn,
it can't show me what's bad or nice,
it's never inspired or excited anyone,
it won't help me fulfill all my goals,
it won't tell me to stop when i'm having fun,
it's never saved one single soul,
it doesn't take credit for everything i achieve,
it won't make me get down on bended knee,
it doesn't demand that i have to believe,
it won't torture me for eternity,
it won't teach me to hate or despise others,
it can't tell me what's right or wrong,
it won't tell anybody that the can't be lovers,
it's told no one they don't belong,
it won't make you think life is worth living,
it has nothing to offer me, that's true,
but the reason atheism offers me nothing is because i've never asked it to,
atheism offers nothing because it doesn't need to,
religion promises everything because you want it to,
you don't need a religion or to have faith,
you just want it because you need to feel safe,
i want to feel reality and nothing more,
but atheism offers me everything,
that religion has stolen before."


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