This idea can have logic and great value even for an atheist.  

Not that long ago I offered for some angry people to kick my head in, to prove a point about how men should treat women (i.e. don't bully them).  (I guess they didn't have the heart to do it.)  

Among the many interpretations which can be placed on the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, we can say this:  

Jesus went to his death willingly - in that he knew it was going to happen, and didn't run away, when he could have done - in order to prove and illustrate a point.  That point was his life's work (well, the last 3 years').  One of his main lessons was that we can all be given the chance for our sins to be forgiven, provided we earn it and do the necessary real work involved.  Provided we go to our Crucifixion willingly.  If he can get himself crucified, we should be up to saying sorry and putting things right when we have to.  We should be humble enough to suffer for what we have done.  We should be humble enough to let something go instead of escalating to some kind of blood feud.  

He also forgave the people who were crucifying him. 

By dramatically illustrating the idea that God can forgive our sins, will always give us a second chance to make good: life became possible, life became good, life became fruitful.  Instead of nasty, brutish and short.  Hence the Resurrection. 

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whose ends the ego can then properly carry out as in subservience to a greater master.

Simon, I think you need to go back to the drawing board on this one.  A greater master?  On an Atheist forum?  This sounds more like Deepak Chopra stuff, with all due respect.

*chokes*   sounds like, but isn't.  I'm deliberately not spelling out the ultimate thing, as that would be giving the game away at this stage. 

LOL...this guy cracks me up...LOL

I am positively disassembled by his wit! Sadly, my attachments are sticky generally.... 

OK, wake me up and let me know when you get to the 'ultimate thing' because at the moment, I'm moving away from this 'game' at an ever increasing rate.  In fact, I just broke into a metaphorical sprint.

Run Strega Run :)'re good. :D

I have noticed that, for atheists, that their 'crap sensors' all almost always at high gain! A few friends of mind have suggested that I am an almost allegic reaction to crap. No hives yet, but the gag response does make an intermitted appearance.

Another detail about atheist reactivity, seems to be related to the 'approach/avoidence' conflict. Where the closer we get to understanding an ideology, the less we are charmed by it. I expect that at least a few of us have gotten so close that we learned the handshake, the appropriate garb, and might have even joined the priesthood, then felt the overwheming desire to set fazors to kill and the warp engines are heating up for 'ENGAGE! get me the he-l out of here!'

In you case, the broom might be sufficient! ;o)   

Is that known as "breaking and exiting"?

When you have something no one wants, what have you gained?

I think I think he knows what 'the ultimate thing' is, sadly I have had my mental pointers upset by other's weird compess settings. 'The Untimate Thing' could just be very good yogurt, curry, or some cute blond he knew once. A pointer without a nicely defined target, seems to let him off the hook. So does 'The Ultimate Thing' have nice knees, or just fresh coconut milk? If both, it must have been a nice day, please share.


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