This idea can have logic and great value even for an atheist.  

Not that long ago I offered for some angry people to kick my head in, to prove a point about how men should treat women (i.e. don't bully them).  (I guess they didn't have the heart to do it.)  

Among the many interpretations which can be placed on the Crucifixion and Resurrection of Jesus, we can say this:  

Jesus went to his death willingly - in that he knew it was going to happen, and didn't run away, when he could have done - in order to prove and illustrate a point.  That point was his life's work (well, the last 3 years').  One of his main lessons was that we can all be given the chance for our sins to be forgiven, provided we earn it and do the necessary real work involved.  Provided we go to our Crucifixion willingly.  If he can get himself crucified, we should be up to saying sorry and putting things right when we have to.  We should be humble enough to suffer for what we have done.  We should be humble enough to let something go instead of escalating to some kind of blood feud.  

He also forgave the people who were crucifying him. 

By dramatically illustrating the idea that God can forgive our sins, will always give us a second chance to make good: life became possible, life became good, life became fruitful.  Instead of nasty, brutish and short.  Hence the Resurrection. 

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OR, somebody or somebodies, made the whole thing up!

Make that "suicide by Centurian."

At first I read that as 'suicide by Centauri' and an image of Londo Molari presiding over the crucifixion popped into my head.

You really need to get those lenses brought up to date.

Vir! Where are my lenses?!

Exactly. You suck so bad, you made god kill himself. :(

The first recorded suicide-by-cop?

It 'makes sense' just as any literature makes sense. Every good book has its own rules, codes, and teachings. The Hobbit taught how a little man can defeat the impossible, Orwell that hope lies in the proles, and the Bible to forgive.
Of course I said all this alegorically, I already knew not to subestimate any human being, that the people have the power, and how to forgive. The problem with the Bible is that is just another story, IT IS NOT TRUE, and it 'makes sense' just in within the story.

In real life, there are no Hobbits, we don't live in 1984 (except for North Korea), and Jesus didn't die for our sins (there's no such thing as original sin).


* Another example: In the novel "Of Mice and Men" written by Steinbeck one of the main characters is killed by his best friend at the end of the novel. It "makes sense" that he killed him because he had mercy, or there are several interpretations, but it "makes sense" just within the story. I read it in high school and some people argued that he could have done something different instead of killing him, but that is missing the point of the story because is not real life. The author tried to make a point, in the book some may even argue that it is beautiful; in real life you would consider him a psychopath.
The problem with the Bible is that people believe is true, and in real life it doesn't make sense. We shouldn't treat the Bible any different than any other kind of literature. In literature/movies, there are several "flaws" in the logic of the story and the Bible isn't an exception.

"We are slaves of literature"

There are all those Greek myths which still have currency today because they colourfully sum up some well-known, common situations.  The Jesus "myth" (or whatever it is) falls into that category in my opinion.  I'd say it's the king of all of them: the most important and vital. 

The Jesus "myth" (or whatever it is) falls into that category in my opinion.  I'd say it's the king of all of them: the most important and vital.

This might have something to do with it.

A good story sells itself and doesn't need to be embedded with threats. The theme is about how to be a good slave. It's a story developed by those who would control.


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