Jehovah's Witness girlfreind....I need HELP! LOL!

I met this girl about 3 or 4 years ago. We always kept in contact, nothing heavy at all. Well it started getting serious about january of this year, and i knew that she was a JW, and sometimes went to the Kingdom Hall. But NOW that we have been together since February, she seems HELLBENT on diving DEEP INTO this religion!! I was somewhat familiar with this religion before this, but now that she's jumped into it head first, and eyes closed, it is becoming an issue, and i am trying to get the FACTS across to her that the JW's and Watchtower society is PURE brainwashing!! HELP!! LOL!

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You will never get the facts across to her, not only is she not a run of the mill xian, she is Jehova - you cannot win.


She will not listen. She will try converting you. They believe the bible is the word of god, and will not listen to anything else. They believe secular society to be corrupt and are controlled by satan. They believe in Armageddon - they will not allow their children blood transfusions - they don't believe in birthdays, xmas, or easter - even I, as a fervent Atheist, love xmas and easter, any excuse for a party, presents and chocolate - the list goes on. They are homophobic. They like it if you are asexual.


They don't like everything in the bible, so they wrote their own - New World Translation.


They. like catholics and other xian organisatons, protect pedophiles. The same as catholics, if the pedophile repents, he is forgiven, and can go on his merry way.


If you don't get with the program, she will drop you anyway. They are a real worry - RUUUNNNN!!!!!!!!


And always remember, Atheists have better sex than xians.

>"even I, as a fervent Atheist, love xmas and easter"

Nothing wrong with that. Both are pagan festivals that have been usurped by Christians

Christmas is a conflation of countless solstice celebrations, nordic rites like Yule and the Roman Saturnalia festival

Easter is clearly a fertility festival. Rabbits and eggs anyone?

Humanity will always find an excuse for a party!

Well, most of what you have here is kinda iffy, but the sex part is spot on.

I was a 'Jehova' as you mentioned above, lol, but I DID listen to something else. I didn't like trying to convert and hammer away at people consistently and being a pest. Blood transfusions are, believe it or not, up to the individual now. If someone REALLY wants to save their life, you can no longer be excommunicated for it. Xmas and Easter is obvious, but birthdays, I never understood. They actually DON'T like it if you're asexual, you should be married to a person, damnit. Homophobia is not rampant, and any kind of hate against such a person just because they are gay is considered a sin.

The protection of pedophiles is NOTHING like the catholic church. They do not 'protect' pedophiles, and the church does not house them. Regardless, situations did arise that should have been handled better.

I have seen relationships between a JW and a non JW, where the non JW doesn't 'get with the program', and nothing happens, they continue being in a relationship, marry and have kids.

The reason I bring this all up is that each situation is different. You should not push away, hate, or feel that people religious or not, could never love you just because they are from a different belief system. Sure it's not easy. But when we met, we knew it would work. A decade later, it still works, with kids.

I'd agree. Having married (now divorced from) a JW, they can go one of two ways. My wife chose me over her family, who are instructed to disassociate from their daughter as a result. Luckily, despite their attempts to convert me, they failed and my wife left "the truth" and her family did not disassociate her. (They were shunned by their assembly as a result, however)


But it seems your girlfriend is not making that choice, so I'd say I agree with Suzanne. Run. She has made her choice. You wouldn't want her disassociated from her family even if she did choose you, I'm sure. The ony option is for you to convert or walk/run. And I think you know which option you'd prefer.

Thank you for your input Suzzane, and thats EXACTLY what i have been contemplating. The thing is; EVERYTHING else seems to be exactly what i want and need; EXCEPT when this JW bullshit comes up, LOL! I feel like i can break it down, and destroy the brainwashing, 1 because i know more about the religion AND that "new world translation" non-sense, than her. YES nathan i KNOW which one i would prefer, because "conversion" is NOT in my brain ANYWHERE....It may just come down to that VERY SOON, because i have 2 kids from a previous relationship, and i REFUSE for her to try and indoctrinate them, DAMN that, SMH...Thank you both!

Yes, unfortunately, some JW's just choose to be very hard about it and start passing the 'disfellowshiped' word around.. Others are very easy going, and are ok with it, especially if you have grown up with them and know you and your family very well. While the JW society states that all of them follow strict guidelines, it's just not true. As with any religion, it's all different based on where you are at and who knows who.

i would suggest you run, but if you must try to stay, ask her these 3 questions and if she can provide answer to these, she is a much better JW than you should be messing with! the third question has NEVER been answered by the many elders i have had discussions with... but more later on that!

1) Ask her the verse that the JW religion is based on. - use her bible as it is a much deeper effect - she will say:

Isaiah 43:10 - “YOU are my witnesses,” is the utterance of Jehovah, “even my servant whom I have chosen, in order that YOU may know and have faith in me, and that YOU may understand that I am the same One. Before me there was no God formed, and after me there continued to be none.

a very good start!

2) ask her what John 1:1 says... - In [the] beginning the Word was, and the Word was with God, and the Word was a god.

awesome! almost there.. here is the tricky one!!

3) ask her to which 'other' god john 1:1 refers to as isaiah 43:10 makes it very clear there was no other god formed before, or after Jehovah.

she will look blankly at you and run to her elders for an answer.... ANY answer that doesn't say the jw's have completely misinterpreted John 1:1 is a lie! by saying that the word was a god, they have denied the divinity of jesus, which they do in fact saying he was michael the angel until god baptized him and called him his son.. it gets worse... but if she is committed to this religion. RUN AWAY quickly!!!

EXCELLENT james!! I will be asking these questions ASAP...If she is so committed that i have ato RUN, then it is what it is...RIDICULOUS how alot  of them will put the religion above ANYTHING else, SMH

To the strong-willed JW, this won't work. To them, it establishes that the Word comes from God, as in Jesus, a lesser being, but not a God. It conflicts with the Trinity, of course, so an interpretation of the bible is needed. JW's argue that this can be done due to the way the Greek scriptures are translated and used. Closer examination will indeed see conflicting issues, but not to a JW. How do I know this?


I was one.


Here's a good explanation with a pro argument:

.. and against:

Of course, neither of the above show the continued conflicts with other scriptures, and how loosely the bible was interpreted in the first place. But to a JW, the scriptures are perfect, the rendering of the Watchtower society is without flaw. Unless, of course, you count the times where a flaw did indeed exist and was 'corrected'.

VERY interesting Garret, thank you. What is your advice on the situation?

Well, you asked for it, so get ready for some reading. in my situation, I was a JW, for a very, very long time, mind you. I fell in love and married someone who was not. To my surprise, many overlooked this about me, and as long as I banged away at coming to church and associating with them, it was OK. This is especially true if you have kids. Emotions change, the kids become very important. They knew my wife was from another Christian religion (she prefers a non-denominational church, one that won't hound her for marrying a crazy JW). So they preached to her, asked me to have her study, and bring the kids to the Kingdom Hall.


Well, I did all that, but my wife was pretty strong about her own beliefs. 


And then it happened. It opened my eyes. It changed the way I thought. It clearly made be believe that the God of the bible... the one I have read for years Just. Couldn't. Exist. 


It was my own wife who pointed out the flaws in the JW's, The funny thing is, is that while she was pointing these out, it expanded reasons as to why religion doesn't work, and how Abraham's God is a mess. She, still being a steadfast Christian, helped convert me into someone who I never thought I would be. I've always had questions that were never answered, and I always had doubts. I'm still in shock, but to me this can be no mistake, no error, no 'demon' trying to tempt me into making me think God doesn't exist.

So if you really love this girl, and she loves you, it's time to ask the hard questions. It CAN work, but how much are you willing to work for it? Is she worth it? Would she be willing to go to a science discussion about evolution or the origins of Earth? Can she be open-minded enough to read and talk about it?



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