Jehovah's Witness girlfreind....I need HELP! LOL!

I met this girl about 3 or 4 years ago. We always kept in contact, nothing heavy at all. Well it started getting serious about january of this year, and i knew that she was a JW, and sometimes went to the Kingdom Hall. But NOW that we have been together since February, she seems HELLBENT on diving DEEP INTO this religion!! I was somewhat familiar with this religion before this, but now that she's jumped into it head first, and eyes closed, it is becoming an issue, and i am trying to get the FACTS across to her that the JW's and Watchtower society is PURE brainwashing!! HELP!! LOL!

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But in that case, Patrick, anything can be turned into a proof/not proof conversation. For example, how do I know you're real and not a bot? We can, for example, gather evidence that shows your IP address, you can send me emails and pictures of yourself when you were very inebriated and someone Sharapied a mustache on you and something else on your forehead. We can meet and have a cup of coffee and those biscuits they sell that have way too much sugar on them, so much that you can stir them into your black coffee and wind up with extreme sugar coffee. We can talk about this very conversation. And at the end of the day, I can say, THIS ISN'T THE REAL YOU that I spoke to on the interweb nets... because XXX This and XXX That. So where do you draw the line?


You study the facts. You make a decision. Doesn't have to be right away, but eventually you either deiced for or not, particularly if its an important matter. For an agnostic like me, I can't see how a 'God' that doesn't show his' face', apparently gives bad advice to prophets writing his book, is described as a bloody being, and is never there, is worth my time in giving importance to.


And that's a fact.

Garrett, respectful.... I was asked why I out the word "facts" in quotes. I was asked for a dissertation on proof. Nothing more

Meh. OK.

We'll have that coffee to go, then. You buy.

My girlfriend is a JW, at first I had a lot of doubts and it was really troublesome, but bit by bit I've introduced her into critical thinking and it's gotten easier. She still believes in a lot of that bs, but I've made great advances:


- I've convinced her that there's nothing wrong with birthday's and now se goes to parties and she even celebrates her own.

-She no longer goes knocking on doors trying to convert other's into her religion.

-I've made some great advances on the blood transfution thing, I'm almost there.


Next month we'll celebrate our third anniversary and I'm very happy with her, I obviously try to avoid the subject, because I don't want to annoy her too much, but I bring it up from time to time.


My advice, if you really really want to try, it's not impossible. I'm not going to deny that it was though and her religion almost ended our relationship more than one time (especially the first year). But now I'm very happy I insisted n__n.


Good Luck Kev.

Thanks Fernando, your situation sounds very similar to mine. As of now the path you've taken is path that i'm on now. In the future i think it is more advantageous to avoid the subject, but when it does come up, i would just like for her to CONSIDER that other beliefs are a reality, and can be PROVEN. Once again thanks bro...

my dad told me about them,, he said that they don't like to argue or to hear from the other side!

maybe they are afraid to argue back or something!


they are interested in that bullshit called prophecies! they are not interest in science.



Oh, so you have codependent tendencies. You see someone you think needs help and fixing and you get enmeshed in her web. How about respecting her integrity and leaving her to her nonsensical religion and instead of trying to modify her, just find someone who's more compatible from the get go. She will find some JH guy to be happy with and you will find some atheist or agnostic girl you can enjoy and you'll be happier.  The path you're on now will lead to misery, mostly for you.

You're assuming. I was single for 6 years before this. And our relationship WAS NOT born out of me seeing and thinking she needed "help" or "fixiing"...Where did you read that, because i did not say that. Our relationship was born out of a natural attraction to one another, and For the most part we are on the same page concerning alot of things, bar the religion issue. Also i have stated many times in this discussion that i respect her integrity. In my humble opinion, when there is a difference of beliefs, a respectful and pleasant debate is HEALTHY. You really should read the whole debate before you form an opinion over a couple of the posts in here and wrecklessly post an incomplete rebuttal. Thanks for posting though!

Debates about fundamental values are healthy in intimate relationships? Hmm. I doubt if you'd find many clinical psychologists agreeing with that.

I respectfully beg to differ. It can help open minded, and independent thinkers get a clearer picture of everything...

I agree that heated debates are healthy and usually serves to 'clear the air' in relationships. But it leads me to some questions: Does she get angry or loud when confronted? Does she deny you sex if you don't agree with her? Guilt you into actions and opinions via acting personally offended? If yes to any of these questions, you may wish to rethink.

Those are female spousal control behaviors, which (unlike men which dominate through physical violence) are psychologically manipulative. Much like the religion espoused by JWs...


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