Jehovah's Witness girlfreind....I need HELP! LOL!

I met this girl about 3 or 4 years ago. We always kept in contact, nothing heavy at all. Well it started getting serious about january of this year, and i knew that she was a JW, and sometimes went to the Kingdom Hall. But NOW that we have been together since February, she seems HELLBENT on diving DEEP INTO this religion!! I was somewhat familiar with this religion before this, but now that she's jumped into it head first, and eyes closed, it is becoming an issue, and i am trying to get the FACTS across to her that the JW's and Watchtower society is PURE brainwashing!! HELP!! LOL!

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She doesn't do ANY of these, in fact i'm QUITE surprised at how she's so cool in certain situations, where i bring up something very touchy...But no there is no getting angry, or loud, no denial of sex, (even tho she's "studying" to be a witness) and she never manipulates me into any actions or opinions. I have not seen an OUNCE of female spousal control behaviour, in fact, she preaches "Kingship" in our relationship, which JW's commonly preach, and practice...But yes i VERILY agree with you that the JW religion is HEAVILY, psychologically manipulative...

Then my only advice is: Caution. :)

IFF (if and only if) any such behaviors happens, you have to pull the plug. Until then, bon voyage my friend. :)

(Btw, I still don't think it's a good idea... for you. But you are an adult and I'll treat you as such.)

Advice for caution is TAKEN.....i know i have to be VERY careful....i know the consequences also if thats what it comes down to...Thank you for taking the time to give your view on things!

You are welcome, and thank you for taking my advice. :)


A bit of my story: I dated a girl (2.5 years from upstate NY) in college which claimed to be agnostic. I was studying business, she's a marine biologist. We had a few disagreements I refused to yield to, such as umami being one of the five tastes, her dead father not 'looking down on' her, and generally that couples should cooperate and not compete with eachother. Out of 3 long-term committed relationships I've had, this was the worst one, the only one with a non-Atheist, and is the only ex which haven't admitted (yet..) that dumping me was a bad decision.

She's now dating a high-school drop-out yoga instructor. Interestingly, she never chose to change her FB status to 'in a relationship', even after 4 years. Also, she was not looking for a boyfriend, but a puppy dog. I'm unqualified for that position. ;)  

Oops. Of course I meant to type "JW" not "JH." It's getting late.

LOL! all good i knew what you meant, thanks for posting though...

JH. The new Jehovah's Hot single men and women religion seeking HA: hot atheists! Are you a HA?



RUN! Don't look back, get away. Change your number, change your lock, find a new country. This will gnaw on your soul and relationship until it breaks either it or you or her, in decreasing rate of probabilities.

She's a lost cause and it's only your natural instinct to protect the potential mother of your children which is kicking in. This one has found her protector and, unfortunately, it isn't you. Great guys deserve great girls, not religious lunatics.

Your choice, but don't say no one tried warning you against your own folly.

So.. sniff* sniff*..

you guys are saying that I actually never changed and I'm still a religious lunatic? I'm... a lost cause??



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Hahahaha! Nice!


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