This one is particularly painful for me because I write satire myself, quite a bit of it is about religion including Islam. I have done some of it online which offers some anonymity (for example the annotated Koran on rationalwiki) and uncyclopedia (a website that is a parody of wikipedia). However not all of my satire is anonymous and it has my name on it.

First and foremost, those who produce satire are people who want to make others laugh. The message is secondary. One can very easily drive home a message without the parody and the humour. More people take you seriously when you write in a formal way and it is much easier to express your ideas. Making people laugh in a well written piece of satire is hard work. Yes you get people to see things from a fresh and often ironic perspective and tell people how foolish some ideas are...but the goal is to get people to truly enjoy reading what you write and in a sense try not to take things so seriously.

This is why it is so painful to see this newspaper office blown apart by Jihadists (not that it isn't always painful to see innocent people shot through the head by Allah's bullets). These journalists spend their day making people laugh, putting a lot of hard work into de-constructing irrational arguments (and not just about religion but about politics, ethics and culture), usually drive home a compassionate humanist message and at the very least produce something that millions of readers have enjoyed.

It's scary. I'm 300km away from where this took place and my name is next to much Islamic satire which has made just as many crude and not so crude jokes about Islam and Allah.

Fuck those fucking Jihadists. This won't stop me for a second. It only wants to make me de-anonymise myself and step up my satire even more.

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You may be right Unseen.

It's almost 2am Monday morning so the only live news in the USA is on......  NO damned news network.   I opened an email minutes ago from a friend sent at 5:00 Sunday saying Fox News carried a live special report of an FBI alert that ISIS has released to new video imploring their sympathizers to begin indiscriminate killings in the US, Canada, France, Australia, etc.. and to kill armed forces, police, "patrons" and whoever else by any means possible.

I've searched and searched for a link to the report but can't find one. I don't think even Fox would have misreported something this big.

The bset way for me to express my feelings about your post is to ask you to watch this video.  It is a response by the late Christopher Hitchens to a question regarding to Danish cartoons which depicted Muhammad and sparked so much violence. I Am Charlie!

I'd very much like to wear a Muhammad T-shirt, but cannot find one. I wanted to get this printed on one, but I'm afraid whoever I go to to get it done will make a thing of it.

The new issue of the Charlie magazine goes on sale. There have been threats of violence against shops in Brussels (not even in France) which sell the magazine. Is anyone surprised?

I'm shocked how is this possible Islam is a religion of peace.  NOT

I watched a video of Sam Harris and he said the best thing the media could do to fight this kind of terrorism is: show the cartoons. If everyone showed the cartoons at the same time, he figured that the terrorists can't kill us all! 

OR...put every imam who teaches killing in the name of Islam and every wealthy person who funds it on a CIA hit list and go hunting, attack the beast at it's heart, bleed it dry.


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