I don't know how to go about explaining who I am in some short blurb, but I can cover basics. I'm a graphic design student (who has changed her major a couple times and whose graduation is long overdue). I work part-time as a barista at a local place with some of my best friends - it's the best job I've ever had - and have been in a pretty good state lately. Money always sucks, but I feel okay. That's basically where I am in life.

I'm glad to be provided with an environment where I can think critically, "out loud," to other critical thinkers. Really, most people have already decided what they think, and I'm sick of not being able to speak freely without risking conflict with my peers. Think Atheist gave me a way to choose my peers, and that's great.

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Thanks for that! I hope I can keep saying things that others find interesting.
Hi there Izzy, welcome. Hope to see you around.

welcome from Glasgow Scotland.

take cre now

I am still laughing at the astronomy class story. It is a perfect window in the Texan collegiate experience.
It must be like a whole other world in Europe. Even being in college in Texas, it's difficult to get through a single day without encountering fervent religious debate/propaganda. I wonder if Temple is worse than San Angelo, being that it's smaller. At least, I think it's smaller...?
Seriously, I am constantly bitching about the inescapable presence of religion in the Texas public school classroom and sometimes I worry that it just sounds like I enjoy complaining, lol! Material is taught from the Christian perspective to the Christian perspective with no room for any other viewpoint. Professors constantly use their teaching lecterns as religious pulpits, but no one in class protests.

Since Obama has been elected, apparently some of my professors have also added political punditry to the list of inappropriate topics for class discussion. Last spring, I had a teacher seriously rattle on and on about how we students needed to be careful because "they" are taking over our country and a major time of calamitous change is upon us; all of this was centered around ambiguous references to Obama being Muslim. (I don't care about the political persuasion of my professors, but I am outraged when they promote partisan bullshit to the class.)

I wrote a post about it a few weeks ago here. (I know that it is probably tacky to link to my thread within your thread, but I think that you will appreciate it.;) )
Heya, Izzy!


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