hi, my name's mike. I've read some of your info and I wonder
if you really have any hope in life.Your site make's me wonder if your
emtey inside.I mean; I've had my share of crap happen in my life, but
really deep down, is this something that gives you comfort. I'm only a
young man and I really havn't had a taste of life yet, I'll be honest
with you in saying I don't understand life, and neither do you, nor
anybody for that matter, but, what if your wrong. I mean what if there
really is a God. are you willing to put your soul on the line.If you ever
get to read this I'd like to hear back.

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What he is referring to is called Pascal's Wager.
Here is a good response to Pascal's Wager:

This poor guy has a lot to learn, so let's teach him - but kindly. Anyone who prefers to spend eternity with repentant rapists, muggers, murderers and paedophile priests rather than with people who brought joy and love to the world, like Florence Nightingale, Gandhi, Verdi, and many, many others, will obviously be a hard nut to crack.
"I'll be honest with you in saying I don't understand life, and neither do you..."

I love how your being told what YOU know and do not know lol.
I understand life: enjoy it. Simple.
I love it theists assume we have no hope in life, and then expect us to respect their beliefs. There are more things to be hopeful about than something that has no solid proof of even existing.

I would like to think that if we do discover that some divine creator exists, that he/she/it would not be so petty as to send us to hell because we were brave enough to use our brains and think rationally....
Deluding yourself is easy and complacent. Especially with all that you've been taught through the church. But when you start thinking for yourself, you find apart of who you really are.
well, if i am wrong...at least i didn't waste my life worrying about it. ;)
Just another weak ass Pascals wager, which is a very flawed argument indeed
I sure hope I don't ever feel emtey inside.
What if we are wrong? What if you are wrong? There are a million gods that you could be wrong about, and yet you go about possibly wasting your life in service to a non existent being.

That is a poor argument. What if I am wrong. It is called pascals wager and you need to think harder to see the truth of it. There is no evidence supporting a god, so you are a victim of blind faith until you find a shred of it.

If you ever do, please share it as you would be the first.

First off, Dawkins is the man.

Second, I love how all these people are so appalled by the fact that we don't praise Yahweh.

I mean, are they on Islamic or any other social network that doesn't believe in Yahweh telling them these awful things?

These people seem to be some of the most angry people I have ever heard and yet they are... Happy?


I mean, why live a life of fear?

Also, I enjoy going outside and marveling at the fact that all of this is basically a product of luck.
If earth were a bit closer or further away from the sun we more-than-likely wouldn't be here.
There are also many other delicate factors that affects us obviously but I chose that example.

Basically I love thinking and cannot stand it when people replace "I don't know" with "God".

Another thing, did any of these "haters" take a fucking English class?
So many grammatical errors!
Hell is reserved only for those that believe in it, and its deepest circle is reserved for those who believe in it on the grounds that if they don't, they will go there.


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