hi, my name's mike. I've read some of your info and I wonder
if you really have any hope in life.Your site make's me wonder if your
emtey inside.I mean; I've had my share of crap happen in my life, but
really deep down, is this something that gives you comfort. I'm only a
young man and I really havn't had a taste of life yet, I'll be honest
with you in saying I don't understand life, and neither do you, nor
anybody for that matter, but, what if your wrong. I mean what if there
really is a God. are you willing to put your soul on the line.If you ever
get to read this I'd like to hear back.

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I am not picky. Haha.
Robin Williams says Mo misheard. God actually said "Virgils" not virgins.
Many even believe its a mistranslation... and rather than "virgins" the koran said raisins... must be some heavenly raisins to blow oneself up for.
The translation is actually "Rasins of crystal clarity" lol, I can just imagine a bunch of pissed off muslims sitting around in a white room with a holy Sunmaid box in their hands yelling "Fuck!"
I'd actually prefer males, actually.

It'd give me something to do for eternity, ya know? It can take a LONG time for a virgin to learn the ropes. And yes, some pun intended. Now, you figure you have SEVENTY virgins to teach... That would take a good long while.
How Godly of you to say. Do you think you'll be burning with us, oh back-biter? If there is a Hell (which I'm absolutely convinced there isn't... look up Gehenna on Wikipedia for starters), I'm quite positive I'll be burning with any "Christian" that spews out such hatred. After all, he who hates his brother and claims to know God is a liar.
Don't forget stroking the tally-wacker to some good ole PORN! LMAO!
I have lots of hope in life. For instance, I have always hoped that idiots would go extinct.
If you are looking for some hope in life, don't look to big daddy in the sky. He is deaf to your prayers. Wake up, go out and create the life you want, here and now. Live your life free from emotionally crippling superstition and give yourself over to your dreams.
See, I don't really call this hate mail. Just an honest response from someone who does not understand atheists. Michael, I am really happy and have been for years. While I was involved in religion when I was young, I was confused and unhappy.

So, if you are simply believing in god just to be safe, shouldn't you believe in all of them, just in case. I mean, there are hundreds of gods out there, but at least by believing in all of them, you'll be cool in the afterlife (provided whatever one proves to be real doesn't decide to take it out on you), I have chosen atheism because I believe in nothing else, but believing in all of them sounds like the second best option if you are unsure about what is going to happen after you die. I plan on being buried with hot dogs and marshmallows, just in case. On the other side, I really don't want to go to heaven and sing songs all day and praise somebody. Who would want to really do that? I am very happy with life here, and even though I would like to live a long time, I will be happy with what time I have,
Short answer............. Yes. F*&k my soul and all who sail in her.
. No im not empty, got organs, bit of blood etc inside.
2. yes, it does give me comfort.
3. i think i do understand life. its for LIVING
4. we wrong?
(maybe you are the wrong one)
5. yes, sure. if i spend a measly 80 years here and eternity in hell/ well. my choice. personally i dont think a god would give you 80 years then force you to spend eternety in hell, and what about centries ago, when life span was only 30 years? poor buggers, never really even got to live at all did they


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