It's that time again! What's your New Year Resolution?

Mine is to completely 180 my life :)


Be Healthier

Lose weight

Quit smoking

More money control

Better relationships

Do amazing in college


I've been gearing up for these things for the past month or two and have everything in place to help me achieve my goals. It's gonna happen this year!! LOL


2011 is going to be 2,011 better than 2010 ;)




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me 2, I'm going to try to socialise more. Last year I was in hibernation. :p
Happy New Year to you also. This year I want to laugh more, but seriously...I plan to donate my body to science. I'd heard you have to actually do something more than put it on the drivers license. You actually have to make arrangements with a university or the correct organization that takes care of dead people. I'm not planning on kicking the bucket this year, but it'll be good for laughs when I talk to religious folks who believe your body has to be embalmed and rotted before being resurrected when Jesus comes back.
LOL I love this! :)
I have two, the first is to put together a nest egg.  I started a new job a couple weeks ago and I'm having them put 10% of my check into savings.  The other is to eat healthier, I'm shopping today so I'm going to make a list of things that are healthy and I'll actually enjoy eating. 
I made more or less the same resolutions last year and I stuck to them. I feel healthier and have become a bit of a produce-elitist who says things like, "You bought that at -insert unacceptable store here-. Ew. Just ew."

Lose weight, Better relationships, make more atheist friends, get a new job.

happy 2011 to all;)

With all the "lose weight" resolutions I thought post a counter-resolution:  the late, great Root Boy Slim's "Dare to be Fat"!!  Also, posting in "where you live" thread because Root Boy Slim is a "local music legend" in my area (greater Washington, DC). Emjoy!

more exercise. Also, finally find a permanent job. find a place with my fiance and actually being able to afford it.


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