It's that time again! What's your New Year Resolution?

Mine is to completely 180 my life :)


Be Healthier

Lose weight

Quit smoking

More money control

Better relationships

Do amazing in college


I've been gearing up for these things for the past month or two and have everything in place to help me achieve my goals. It's gonna happen this year!! LOL


2011 is going to be 2,011 better than 2010 ;)




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So, the old married lady is going to put in her 2 cents here:  no protocol!  That leads to relationships that are not authentic.  Just remember the "golden rule" (which is a universal human ethical prescription, no religion owns it, in fact some religions defy it!!!) and you will be good.  And, ask yourself: when I am old and drool is dripping from my chin do I see this person wiping the drool off my chin for me and do I see myself doing the same for this person? 

Cecilia, thats great advice.

In 2011 I would like to:

  • forgot about losing weight
  • learn to enjoy food
  • continue moving my body as often as I can
  • just spent a lot of money on some DVDs from (one about the Joy of Mathematics, one about Physics and one about Neuroscience) as a present to myself, so I damned well better actually use them!!
  • sell at least one painting to someone with whom I do not share DNA (or with whom I share children, so my husband wouldn't count)
  • drink good scotch



1. Graduate from nursing school.

2. Get a job.


Happy New Year 2011!


Ok, I'm already in 2011 since like 40 minutes ago... I just hope to improve my life in any way possible this year. I guess that's not going to be very hard as you can only go up when you're at the bottom. Happy New Year!
This year I resolve ... To make a New Year's resolution!
The best one so far...
I've got three:
-Not fail calculus, so I can continue on my insane journey to get my masters in astrophysics even though I'll be graduating with a bachelor's in violin this year. Yes, you read that right.
-Lose at least 30lbs, and ask for help from people who have already done so. My reason for wanting to lose weight is resolution number three:
- Take ballet more seriously.


My resolution is to find a way to make more money! I think 2011 is going to be bringing me a second or a weekend job. Yay, 2011!! ~sigh. 


To avoid death.

Mine is more sleep.  Sleep is suppose to help with weight loss and many other things and I think I can actually achieve more sleep. 


Also more red wine. 

More Chocolate. 


I think I may even be able to keep these resolutions through the year.

spend more time and travel/visit/do more little girl things with my 2 beautiful girls and wifey


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