It's that time again! What's your New Year Resolution?

Mine is to completely 180 my life :)


Be Healthier

Lose weight

Quit smoking

More money control

Better relationships

Do amazing in college


I've been gearing up for these things for the past month or two and have everything in place to help me achieve my goals. It's gonna happen this year!! LOL


2011 is going to be 2,011 better than 2010 ;)




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My resolution this year is to get into the habit of exercising and do more activities out in the community (as opposed to sitting on my ass on the computer all the time.)


Happy New Year you Joli and your family to everyone else on T|A. :)

(as opposed to sitting on my ass on the computer all the time.)


HAHAHAHa! I know exactly what you mean! LOL

Continue with college.

Keep my kids happy and healthy.

Keep me happy and healthy.

Piss off religious people.  Yes, seriously!  Don't judge :) 

Other than that, I think my little family is on the right path.  I don't drink or smoke.  I could work out more, but who has time and energy with 4 kids?!  I could probably manage my finances a little better, but I make enough to just pay the bills and take the kids out to eat once or twice.  I dont feel like giving that up.  Maybe I will buy the kids less toys.... they just break them anyway, right. 


Happy New Year to you too!


Here is my ORIGINAL list of NY resolutions:


-quit smoking

-drink less

-make more friends

-study more

-eat healthier

-be kind to people

-don't get in trouble with the cops




I all narrowed it down to 1 resolution:


"Wait until next year"


Procrastination rules!

Hell Yes!!!! lmao!
Thats the best resolution ever.

Practice instrument more- at least 1hour a day- on top of performances...

Create more art- pushing it further and deeper...

Get art business/website established...

Help change cannabis/hemp laws...


Learn More...

Travel More...

Spend more time with friends and family...

Meet more interesting, intelligent, and creative people...

Lose more weight (maybe- always difficult on a cruise ship)...

Have as much fun as possible...


Have a Happy, Hempy New Year in 2K11

Hope you all have the Most of the Best and the Least of the Worst

The best advice I've ever heard in regards to making resolutions and goal-setting is to set a goal you can accomplish in 24 hours. Said logic behind the advice being that you're more likely to accomplish a goal if it is short-term. So... mine are...


1) Consider what I'm eating today.

2) Do homework / study today (or when classes start)

3) Reevaluate my purchases today.

4) Go the the gym today (if I'm not working. We work 24 hour shifts so once I can go after work but that would be tomorrow)


If I do those every 24 hours for the next 365 days not only will I not be burdened by the stress of chasing a distant goal, but I'll still accomplish a distant goal. Of course this does mean that you have to take your distant goals and break them into feasible daily goals but that can be done... today.

My new year resolution......Have fun where ever I go.....(that excludes most funerals, but does include prison!)



just because u know people who work at jail in all the surrounding counties.....hahhahahahah
My new year's resolution is to continue trying my best in whatever I do.  I also need to try to understand and follow protocol for the dating experience.  It seems to be easier to insult how others view love and dating than it is to compromise and just enjoy what that person's view has to offer.


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