Found this little tidbit surfing around.

To see the logic of leaving God out of the equation, consider this:

Frog + Princess’s kiss = Handsome Prince (fairy tale)

Frog + Chance + Millions of years = Handsome Prince (science)

Translation: They admit that fairy tales are better than science*

And this:

The Bible says that because non-Christians do not enjoy the spiritual transformation and protection that only Jesus can provide, they are particularly vulnerable to spiritual deception. They are subject
to the interference of the Evil One, who masquerades as an angel
of light.

And this:

Hell is God reluctantly granting non-Christians their wish.  Ultimately, life and every desirable
thing comes from the God who created every molecule that we see,
feel, enjoy and misuse. Even sin’s fickle pleasure, that elusive
shadow of the real thing seized while defying him, is possible
only because the Son of God lovingly created his haters with the
ability to experience pleasure.

Non-Christians push Jesus aside, yet in his extravagant love Jesus keeps giving and giving. They don’t want him meddling in their
lives, but he keeps forcing himself upon them, showering them
with gifts of life and pleasure.(oh that's rich*) In hell they finally get their
way. To be granted separation from the Source of every good and
beautiful thing, however, is a terrifying prospect.

A different view: In the western world the concept of a God of love pops up so often that we forget the source of this
notion. The only way of truly knowing that God is love is through
the revelation of Jesus and the Bible, both of which lovingly
and emphatically warn of hell’s grim reality. 

*emphasis mine*

How do these people sleep at night with this kind of corrupted thought process?

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Pleasure, you say?

So what he's saying is that Jesus will pleasure us many times but in the end if we don't return the favor he tells us to go to hell? If Jesus wants to live like that, it's okay with me, but I'm not ready to embrace his alternative lifestyle just yet.
It's like the crack dealer gives you crack free of charge for years because he hates your crack addicted cracker ass.
Alternative lifestyle? LOL. I guess you can't be more alternative than necromancy.
God works in extremely inefficient and counter-productive ways.
That should totally be on a t-shirt. lol
Sleeplessness is often caused by people thinking too much in bed. By looking at these quotes, I conclude that too active thinking at any time of day is not a problem for these people, so the answer to your last question would be "very well".
That's a good one.
I like this part: "but he keeps forcing himself upon them"

Can I get a restraining order?


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