Its amazing how people can just cut you out of their lives.

I just recently had a falling out with a friend over something i said on twitter of all places. I participated in a silly trending topic. It was called #icantdateyou. I wrote #Icantdateyou if you believe in fairy tales like noahs ark or anything in the bible. my friend reads that and without even talking to me decides to cut me out of his life. his words were "thats the last straw. you've been blacklisted. nice knowing you homie".




backstory. Ive known him for years now. we were always cool, laughing playing xbox. my views are well known in my circle. He was arrested and did a 3 yr bid iirc. I sent his wife money while he was locked up. only one time for $50 but she was in need. he was my friend.


So this happens and just like that he cuts me off. He mentioned to a mutual friend that he loves his god and any attack on god is an attack on him. wha??????? when the hell did he get so righteous? needless to say it upset me. Im beside myself over this.


has anyone had something like this happen? how did you handle it?

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I'm 62, been divorced twice, had a 10 yr. relationship with another woman, and half a dozen couple of year relationships in between.  I'm not bragging.  Half the relationships including my last ex-wife were religious nut jobs.  I just could not stand the difference in world views that were being portrayed.  I could not lie to myself and pretend that their ideas were okay.  As a result, I've lost dozens of friends and relatives that I no longer associate with.  My best male friend is a Xian, we respect each other, and don't talk religion.  My best female friend is an atheist, so we agree on most things.  If you can have 2 or 3 really true friends by my age, consider yourself lucky. Friends and acquaintances come and go, just like the tide, in & out.  (LOL)  Actually, my cat is my best friend.  Never get any mealy-mouthed attitude from her!
It was your mistake to befriend someone of that religion. Honestly, they will kill you if god gives them the word imaginary or not. the sad part is they won't even hesitate for a second to take your life if god ask them to. That is the kind of people they are.
It was your mistake to befriend someone of that religion. Honestly, they will kill you if god gives them the word imaginary or not. the sad part is they won't even hesitate for a second to take your life if god ask them to. That is the kind of people they are. I hope you can find better friends than that person. Wish you the best.



I don't think it's fair to say he made a mistake befriending this person. People change over time. Unfortunately too many people base relationships on the wrong things. It is shallow to not be accepting of other's beliefs/or lack thereof. I respect my theist friends and demand the same in return. If they're intolerant of my views I really don't want to be around them. Narrow-minded people and free thinkers have a tendency to clash it seems....

No, never had this experience, thankfully, at least with religion. My girlfriend has though. She left the church of Jehovah's Witness and her entire family disowned her. Objectively speaking, she is the only successful one out of all her brothers and sisters. She put herself through college and now runs a private practice. Even despite being disowned, she has bailed her family out financially quite a few times. After the last snub of invitation to a family event she said, "Just remember the next time you need money, I'm the one giving it to you, not Jehovah." If you do get a chance to speak to him again, I'd remind him that it was you, not God, who helped out his family while he was in the can.
She's a very good person for helping them out financially because had it been me, they wouldn't get a DIME!
Your a very lucky guy. She sounds likes good people!

My friends are accepting of my atheism so I cannot speak much from experiance here. But this friend seems very closed minded and I would go as far as to say that he wasnt a true friend (although this might be a No True Scotsman falacy).

I had something VERY similar to this happen to me.

I said it felt good to cut off this woman with a "Choose Life" license plate via my twitter and one of my associates (I used to call her a friend but eh) threatened to block me.
Personally I could care less.

If you want to block me over my opinions, go ahead and do it. I'm better off without such people in my life.

I try not to have such close-minded people as friends in the first place but I'm not one for having a bunch of "friends" anyway.

I've had people delete me off Facebook because of my opinions.


I'm sorry you feel like you've lost such a good friend.

Thank you all for your kind words. Yes it hurt but my dad always said "those who stop being friends,werent". All it cost me was a silly comment on twitter to get him and his ungrateful wife out of my life. I'll take whatever was good from that "friendship" and move on.


 I love how theists believe they have cornered the market on decency but nothing could be farther from truth.

That's horrible.   I do think there's a bit of that going on right in my family.   I was never too outspoken about being atheist, but recently I'm said a few things on facebook and I've noticed most of my extended family stopped talking and commenting to me.   That's all right with me though, they are the most annoying people on the planet. No loss, there. 

But a friend....that's got to hurt.   Well, there's nothing you can do.  The problem is his, and he has to deal with his feelings.   Keep the door open.    You know, insulting something someone believes in, insults the person.   I used to get all up in arms when my husband would insult something I was enjoying on television because I felt that if he thought it was stupid, then he must think I was stupid for enjoying it.    That was in my younger days when I actually gave a shit what other people think.   Things like that don't bother me anymore.   But my point is, he was probably insulted and isn't shutting you off because he is defending god, he's shutting you off because he thinks you think he is stupid. 


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