My name is Aimee and I'm just here to feel a sense of community. I work from home and so most of the forums I must spend time in are stay-at-home-moms who are dead-set against liberals, free thinkers and childfree people. Every discussion is infused with a sermon. I am just sick of letting it roll off without having a place to retreat to and fine solace.

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Hi, and nice to meet you! =) I'm new here too, and I totally understand. I was working online for a few years and most places that I would visit were full of stay-at-home moms who had angels and christ figures in their signatures know the kind - huge banner 'ads' for religion, and 'finding the way' etc.... very annoying. I know they mean well, but if only they would spend their time online learning things instead of memorizing biblical passages and evangelical talking points....

I found this place via Monicks on twitter, btw. She totally rocks. You should follow her. She's got great links and is tireless on twitter advocating free thinking, critical thinking, skepticism, etc.... =)
<3 Monicks! Welcome to T|A, Summer. :)
Thank you and yea, she rocks. =)
well hello there. I, too, am a newcomer and I gotta say, I've been on here for a couple days now and no where else can atheists come together (via internet) and just chat, debate, watch vids, or whatever! It's great!! I hope you enjoy it here and remember to always Think Atheist!
Welcome to T|A Aimee and Summer! We do have a great community here and can hopefully offer a healthy respite from the religiosity that you encounter. You both might check out some groups like Women of Think Atheist or Parenting Hellions. Also, you can stop in and read about our drive to erect a T|A billboard. If you are a Skeptic or interested in the Skeptic movement, have a gander at Skeptics Guide to History or Skeptics of T|A.

Thanks and we hope to see you around!
Welcome, Aimee. :)



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