I realize this horridly over used cliché is like something from a "How to Debate an Atheist Handbook" and it reveals the tragic ignorance of the person saying it. However, I still encounter it regularly and it never fails to shock me when a seemingly intelligent person stoops to this type of response to my atheism.
Of course, those who use this statement desperately need to educate themselves about what the term atheist actually means, and I am happy to enlighten them. But I'm curious about how other non-theists respond to this argument. So tell me, how do you respond when someone makes the assumption that it takes more faith in order for someone to be without faith?

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HAHA! good stuff, good stuff. Yeah, I love how people these days are so stubborn when it comes to something that is so OBVIOUSLY FALSE as religious belief. I've come to the conclusion on my own that religion (Esp. Christianity, which can survive in a country that proclaims individualism and freedom of ideas) is quite possibly, the MOST AMAZING BUSINESS EVER CREATED.... lol
hah. if you want to be right. study science.
I answer in kind. I say "No it doesn't"
If they question me further I say when you look in a mirror how do you know the image you are seeing is you?
They say of course its me. I say and you know this because every move you make is imitated by the mirror. This is the evidence. You do not have faith that your reflection is an image of you. You know it is you because of overwhelming evidence. Atheism is the same. The truth is determined by overwhelming evidence.

Of course they never understand.
So maybe next time I'll just stick to my first answer and if they say why I can answer.."Because it doesn't"
First of all, I was shocked to hear this gem leap from my cousin's mouth... and that was when I was still a Christian. I had the idea that whomever I had heard this phrase from first had had an original idea, and I was disturbed that my cousin (who lived on the other side of the country) repeated it verbatim. It was one of many little seeds of doubt that was shoved in my brain. It was like I subconsciously knew that type of thing was a trapping of brainwashing.

Secondly, why would a Believer put faith down like that? If I have more faith than they do, doesn't that make me a more righteous person? Aren't Christians striving for more faith? If it takes more faith to be an Atheist, then we should be the only ones getting into Heaven! So, a good retort might be posed as a question, "So if I have more faith than you do, does that mean I get into Heaven? Because I thought faith was a virtue for you."
Ha ha! I love it! I may use that one in the future.


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