Did you ever hear this one? Theists become sanctimonious when they use this nonsense. They think it's some kind of knock-down argument when in fact they are like a kid who thinks they are winning at Playstation but it turns out the controller is unplugged. 

What are the most ridiculous anti-gay arguments you've ever heard? 

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The best reply I saw to that one was another picketer holding up a sign saying: "Lot fucked his daughters, not his sons."

On Topic, for me it's the made-up stories that are endlessly parotted, such as the teacher who said that if God existed, he could stop the piece of chalk from breaking when it falls on the ground, and then hitting his foot or something. Theists somehow feel that by repeating that story, they have proven God's existence.

 "Lot fucked his daughters, not his sons." 


"Gay marriage undermines the institution of marriage."  How?  How does gay people being married affect straight people?  Does it make them want to turn gay? 

Theistic logic 101...

Everyone knows they have the best parties ...

It's well-known that most of the gay-haters are closet cases themselves. 

What??? It's not Madam and Eve? Well that's a revelation

Maybe it was Adam and The Madam and Eve was just the hottest chick in the line-up.


"It's a choice."

Ok then, like, exactly when did you make your choice to overcome your homoerotic feelings?

I always wonder, what do they think goes into "choosing to be gay"? Do they remember sitting down with a paper and pencil and writing down the pluses and minuses of being straight vs gay?

Or...do they think some people have the alcoholism gene and some have the gay gene? and both conditions must be controlled through self-discipline and will power?

If you ask me a LARGE proportion of the population is bisexual, so in that sense people can choose to go one way or the other.  But of course, homophobes don't like their own gay feelings. 

I believe a huge proportion of females are to some degree bisexual.

Maybe they are just sexual opportunists. 

As Woody Allen once said, "Bisexuality immediately doubles your chances for a date on Saturday night."


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