Little companies...meaning ones with very few employees. 

“Here’s a current example of the challenge we face,” Jaron Lanier writes in the prelude to his new book, Who Owns The Future: “At the height of its power, the photography company Kodak employed more than 140,000 people and was worth $28 billion. They even invented the first digital camera. But today Kodak is bankrupt, and the new face of digital photography has become Instagram. When Instagram was sold to Facebook for a billion dollars in 2012, it employed only 13 people. Where did all those jobs disappear? And what happened to the wealth that all those middle-class jobs created?” (source)

Lanier argues there are many parallel examples of high tech and the Internet killing not just a few, but vast numbers of well-paying jobs, replacing them with a miniscule number of high tech drones, or with software that totally replaces what used to be jobs that fed families.

Why is it that we blame The Gap for sending garment making jobs to Bangladesh but not Craigslist, which runs nearly on autopilot, for ending 10's of thousands of jobs in newspaper classified ad departments, or online news for putting newspapers and professional journalism on the skids?

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Certainly some find new jobs at similar or better pay. Some find work that underploys their skills. A few reeducate themselves (which generally requires an outlay of cash many who were in basic jobs don't have on hand), but quite a few end up as wasted lives or lives spent in the criminal underworld.

The point is that on the whole putting people out of work does not make for a better world. We no longer live in times when rapid expansion of commerce is attainable, much less sustainable. 

There is not a thing wrong with getting an honest day's pay for an honest day's work. The problem is actually quite complex, however, and in our society, where a religion of greed has overtaken all other religions, the more productive a worker is, the less they get paid,and the less productive someone is, the more they get paid.

The CEO of Apple, has a 4.2 million dollar salary working about 4 hours per week. A Foxconn factory worker working 60 hours per  week makes about $260 / year. This is why the I Phone is made in China.

So, an hour of work by a Steve Jobs =,an hour of serving ice cream at Dairy Queen? I don't think so. 

First, Steve Jobs is dead.

While the DQ worker must be honest, hard working, clean and industrious, by most accounts of people who knew Jobs, he was none of those.

When not serving the customer stays busy cleaning, refilling condiment dispensers, even making some of the frozen "treats" that they sell from the freezer next to the counter.  They stay productive.

According to many of the people who worked with Jobs, he was an egocentric pathological liar. He fit the DSM-IV criteria for sociopathic personality disorder.Sociopaths make excellent politicians, salesmen, televangelists and it seems, Corporate front men.

. An Apple employee coined the term "Reality Distortion Field" to describe Jobs' ability to deceive stock holders, temporarily convincing them to suspend their knowledge in favour of a "visionary dream" BS sales pitch.

in an hour, the average fast food worker produces more than Steve Jobs did in an average hour of his life

  The sad realization is that Jobs was more the rule than the exception when examining corporate management in the US. Bank executives get multi million dollar bonuses after gambling depositors money and losing.big time. Rather than get bonuses, they should be in prison for embezzlement. The same tired arguments come to their defence -- "Don't you agree that they were worth the millions?"

 NO, someone who pushes their own company to bankruptcy certainly does not deserve a bonus. nor should they be trusted with continued employment at the bank.

  Consider as well the vulture capitalist. They borrow money to buyout companies, some struggling, others moderately profitable, using the business they are buying as collateral to secure the debt. Once in control of the company, they hire themselves as consultants. As consultants, they reorganize the business, raiding retirement funds and increasing the business debt to pay their consultancy fees and when the business can borrow no more money,they let the company go bankrupt.

  What kind of person uses this business model? Well the GOP ran one for president.



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