Is it just me or has there been a sudden increase in the ravings of Theists recently? I am meeting a lot more of them who seem to be stranger than usual with their evangelical outbursts. Even here nearly everyday this week a different one arrives, hijacks a discussion by spouting something irrational and then tries to back it up with bad science. Once they have run out of steam, or done their holy duty as they probably see it, they disappear.

Maybe I am just going through a week of low tolerance for them. Normally I can debate with them all day but I think I will just dismiss them for a while as they are becoming tedious and I am bored listening to them. On the flipside maybe one will comment here soon and surprise me with something novel but I won’t be holding my breath.

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Yes Adriana you’re hypothesis certainly has some merit. I post on one of them on occasion or sometimes enter discussions (as an Atheist). The replies are drivel. I recently asked why Noah knew to drop off the penguins and polar bears in different poles. I got over twenty replies and I am convinced all were written by 5 year olds with headaches. Lol.

I think the Theists who have some grasp of reality and need for intellectual stimulation use Atheist sites to get some because it is like watching paint dry on the Christian ones. I am working on a theory for the cognitive dissonance associated with those who have a good understanding and respect for science but still maintain an unquestioning believe in a god. I know we all can “doublethink” on occasion in certain areas of our lives but sometimes I just have no patience left for talking to Theists, especially when they insist on using bad science. I think I shall visit the humor section for a while.

I don't even bother debating anymore. I just say, "please stop, you're wasting your time," (or something of a similar vein) and that's it. I guess it became boring to me a long time ago.


I'll agree with Adriana on this and say you're probably bored with stuff in general. We're in the final stretch of winter when nature fools us into thinking we're almost done, and then hits us with more snow. It can wear on the nerves. :)

I thought it was do to the fact that I just came out as an atheist last year. I even reasoned it out to being that I never really payed attention before but now I am re thinking that idea. Lately I am running into it around every corner.


I wonder if they are all getting excited because gods coming out in May. Could be that they are worried that they haven't been theist enough to get into Heaven so they are playing catch up.



The proles squirm when their capitalist banker bourgeois masters ruin their jobs and bankrupt their pension funds. And there is a big, juicy Jesus hug that makes it all better. Like opium.
A Jehovah Witness (neighbour) just called to borrow some jump leads for his car earlier this evening.

He knows I am an Atheist and that I have been debating with several other J W’s for a long time now. I think they call to me for the same reasons Theists post on this site. Maybe it’s to validate their beliefs. Anyway when he called back he noticed a pamphlet on the counter which he said he had not seen before. He had assumed it was one of their “Awake” pamphlets. I would love to be a fly on the wall in his house when he sits down to read this Mormon literature in front of the rest of the group. :-)
They seem to be able to pick us out alright. Like a bad zombie movie  where they “sense” we are not one of them and therefore need to be converted. Then just when you think the coast is clear......Knock Knock - have you been saved ?


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